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Santa Monica Furniture Company that Specializes in Trendy Furniture

We know we don’t have to be overly humble, and sometimes we do like to brag, as one should. And because we already have a reputation for being ahead of the curve, it’s not like we’re saying something that hasn’t been said before. Our customers know that when it comes to finding styles that reflect the times, there’s nowhere else to go, but Viesso.

Trendy Furniture For Style and Comfort

Functionality, flexibility, aesthetics, and environmental consciousness… these are all elements that make up the current trend, and we have a sneaky feeling they’re here to stay. Who wouldn’t want a home populated with some of the coolest, sleekest, trendiest styles that crazily enough are also built for total and unequivocal comfort?

Reflecting Our Lifestyles

One dictionary we’ve looked at defines a trend as a “general direction in which something is developing or changing.” From our observations we deduce that the backbone of the current trend in furniture is something that reflects how we wish to live our lives today. We want pieces that support us, that harmonize with space rather than displace it, that give us a sense of peace, and that allow us to do what we do within our environments with greater ease.

Enhancing Your Living Experience

At Viesso we provide furniture that enhances your living experience while igniting your imagination. Our furniture is designed to inspire, even if you choose to have only the barest of essentials.

Reflecting Your Taste

You are unique. You have your particular take on the world, which reflects itself in your personality. You don’t want to spend an arm and a leg, yet you’d prefer your home to reflect your taste rather than looking like it came right off the rack, so to speak.

Solutions for All Environments

We empathize, we really do. And this is the reason why we have hand-selected every single piece of furniture in our inventory, making sure it fits the trend of today and that it can be customized to your distinct desire whenever possible. Because it is our job to find solutions for all environments, much of our furniture can be ordered to the inch, allowing it to fit into your spacious loft, your tiny New York studio, your cottage in the woods, or any other place that you’ve chosen to hang your hat. Choose the colors, fabrics, shape of a leg, cut of a drawer, or anything else that occurs to you, and you’ve got the makings of a completely individual home, brought to you by yours truly.

Going Green

A huge trend today is in going Green. More and more of us are recognizing the need to reduce our footprints and to take more responsibility when it comes to our natural resources. At Viesso, we have an in-depth selection of green furniture. We’ve also made sure that many of our pieces can be customized in an eco-green manner. In service to this, here are some of the materials we use in construction:

• Bamboo
• FSC certified hardwoods
• Natural latex
• Natural down and feathers
• Recycled and natural fibers
• Water-based glue
• Low chemical wood stains and sealants

Bamboo Float Sectionals

A perfect example of our best selling eco pieces are the Bamboo Float sectionals with their attached end tables, two seats and many customizable options. With seats made of high-resiliency foam or 100% latex and locally sourced SFI certified alder hardwood, you can keep the Zen groove going with a gorgeous coffee table to match. Finish each piece in natural, amber, coffee or chocolate color and you’ve created a balanced environment that looks beautiful and feels just right.

Nein Modular Sectionals

Speaking of sectionals, they’re a huge trend these days, what with home viewing systems and more casual attitudes towards entertaining at home. Many of our models come with wide arms for an extra guest to perch on, or for working on your laptop afterhours. Take a look at our Nein Modular Sectionals. What’s great about them is that you can put the pieces where you like, creating whatever configuration you need at the moment. With the Nein, it’s like having a bunch of sofas in one to move around and change the look of your living room as the spirit moves you.

The Gardener Bed

Retro is another trend these days, and with our sumptuous Gardiner Bed, you’re catapulted right back to the elegance of the 1930’s, but with a modern twist. The upholstered bed says bygone days, but the ultra contemporary mattress suspension system gives you the kind of support Myrna Loy would have yearned for.

The Shag Rug

Shag rugs are all the rage these days. Put one in any room, add a pillow or two, and then put that vinyl on the record player. You’ll be trending like mad, enjoying the comforts of a well-made floor covering that’s looped to last.

The Gakko Slide Chair

High tech modern style is de rigeur if you want to furnish your apartment with the very latest designs. The Gakko Slide Dining Chair is one such example with its chrome and leatherette take on life. Made with a folded backrest and S-shaped springs, the Gakko is a flexible structure that puts meaning in the word Now.

The Harmony Sofa

The Harmony Sofa is another piece that blends right into the future. Be bold and cover it in pink wool or orange fiber. Don’t be afraid. Add some throw pillows over the loose fitting cushions and you’ll have a conversation piece that adds spice to an otherwise neutral space.

The Buden Platform Bed

Innovative storage solutions are another aspect of modern trending, and we’ve got that one down too. Our Buden platform storage bed comes with add-on drawers at the base and headboard, as well as underneath, making it a perfect bedroom companion for those of you lacking in sufficient closets and drawers. In solid bamboo, it’s as eco as it is functional.

Lighting Up Your Life

As the Santa Monica furniture company that specializes in trendy furniture, we’d be remiss if we didn’t pay sufficient attention to the illumination factor. With a myriad of table lamp, pendant lamp, standing lamp, and chandelier styles, we can light up any corner to add just the ambiance you need.

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For more information on furniture trends and how to implement them into your world, please feel free to contact us by calling 877.8.VIESSO or filling out our online form.