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Sectional Sofas with Recliner and Chaise

At Viesso you will find the most comfortable and modern sectional sofas with that timeless quality that make them just right for any décor. As with all the furniture and accessories here, the sectionals are made using modern technology. This up-to-date technology gives attention to detail with the look and feel of handcrafted items. The furniture here is made with four main considerations always in mind:


Quality is definitely on the top of the list. No matter how beautiful and functional a piece of furniture might be, if the quality is not of the highest standard, nothing else will matter. Here you will find products catch your attention immediately as well-made furniture. The look is appealing and modern. The quality and the craftsmanship are so apparent that you seem to know at first glance. Upon further inspection you will find every material, every assembly, every finish to be the very best. Nothing has been spared to bring you a high-quality product that is made to last a lifetime.

The next item on the list of important considerations is functionality. Simply stated, functionality is the usefulness of a particular piece of furniture. One of the notable characteristics of the sectional sofa is its ability to be used in several situations, several room settings, and with several decors. The many options in arranging and situating the sofa gives you a variety of choices, enabling you to change the look of the room simply by changing the arrangement of the furniture. These sectionals are made to be used, to offer comfortable and convenient seating while adding to the beauty of the room.

Next on the list of considerations is the environment. In a day and age when everyone is concerned about preserving and protecting the environment, Viesso is leading the way. They are providing the furniture and accessories that allow you to be part of the solution while still maintaining style and appeal. Several things have been done here to ensure that the furniture is Green. Viesso works with other companies that are concerned about saving the environment. Wherever possible they use natural materials. Wooden frames are made from bamboo, an excellent choice since bamboo is a grass and grows so fast. Wood for the inner structures is certified maple.

Upholstery materials and fillers are also made from natural fibers. Natural latex, natural down and feathers, and recycled materials are used whenever possible. To find out more about the environmentally friendly materials that are used, a list of these materials is available with the description of each sectional.

The last item on the list of important concerns is appearance. It’s obvious to everyone who is looking to purchase a new sectional sofa is in the market for a certain look. You know your own tastes, your home, your life-style. You are looking for a sofa that meets all these criteria and more. You will be impressed by your first look at a Viesso sofa sectional. The look is definitely distinctive. You will find a wide variety of subtle earth tones as well as more vibrant colors that make just the right statement. Choose from dark gray, natural brown or black, sand. Add that splash of color with dark red or vibrant orange. Find exactly what you need even more easily with the option of customization with several sectionals.

To give you a better idea of some of the wonderful sectional sofas available, let’s talk about just a few of the popular items available today. The first is a small sofa that easily converts into a twin-sized bed. The Little Bird Deluxe Sofa Bed is the perfect sofa when you need just a little extra bed space. It comes in a clean, crisp white leatherette upholstery with modern chromed steel legs. It’s small and easy to move, but comfortable and sturdy. The steel frame and pocket springs are topped with the comfort of foam and fiber fill. What a convenient way to offer over-night lodging for a guest.

Another beautifully appealing sectional sofa is the Pyx Sleek Full Sofa Bed. Who would believe that such an attractive modern section can convert into such a comfortable bed? The Pyx is an original style with the appeal of a classic design. The sofa converts handily into a full size bed that is extra long for extra comfort. This exquisite sectional comes in Heavy Natch material, in natural, black or brown colors. Some assembly is required.

You’ll also love the Dekayess Chaise Right Sectional that can be easily and automatically customized. This beautifully functional sectional has carefully rounded arms that are comfortable in a variety of options for seating. The generous chaise lounge on the right is the perfect place for relaxing in luxury. To the left is the sofa section that offers more seating. This sectional sofa is smaller that it looks and has a shallow depth that makes it easy to move and enable it to fit will in small areas.

The Dekayess comes in a wide variety of colors, including white, azure, bittersweet, chocolate, saffron, sea, charcoal and many more. The material is long-lasting, easy to care for polyester. The pleasing and balanced look is achieved because the back is the same height and width as the arms. You’ll love the way it looks.

There are so many beautiful sofa sectionals to choose from. The last of the many that deserve consideration is the Strata Chaise Left Sectional. This is a piece of furniture that is just right for a variety of settings. It’s big; there’s no doubt about that. But often that’s just what is needed. This sectional is one of the most popular, with a design that’s functional and modern. Extra seating is provided with the low, wide arms. The arms can also be hollowed to provide out of sight storage area. The choices of fabric for this sofa are almost limitless. Green materials are definitely available. This sectional can be built to the most exacting specifications.

As you can see Viesso furniture is of the highest quality, most convenient functionality, has the kindest regard for the environment, and is crafted with a beauty and appearance that is unsurpassed. If you’re looking for the very best in long-lasting, eye-appealing, environmentally-friendly furniture, look no further. For more information go to You’ll be glad you did.

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