Sectionals With Chaise

Modern sectionals that include a chaise are becoming increasingly popular, as the overall design allows for a variety of positioning opportunities and creates a very relaxing atmosphere in the living room. The chaise itself is a very old style of furniture, dating back to the days of ancient Egypt, but now it is becoming the centerpiece of the sectional itself. Consumers are hungry for attractive sectional furniture that includes a chaise, as this design makes for exciting possibilities for arranging the individual pieces and results in a combination of sofa, lounge seating and the added kickback feature of the chaise.

Sectionals are popular because they can be rearranged in several ways, each taking up the same amount of floor space while at the same time changing the way in which other items, such as the TV, coffee table or bookshelves are accessed. Most love the idea that the entire living room can be variable in its appearance, catering to entertainment, watching television or just to relax and converse.

Among the most popular designs for sectionals are those with the long, wide arms that can be removed from the underlying wood or metal base. This allows for the placement of lamps, computers or small televisions. The upholstery itself can be chosen from a variety of fabrics including polyester fiber, foam and League-Oyster style coverings. These sectionals also come in a wide range of lengths. For example there are single and dual armless pieces, single, double or triple pieces with either right or left arm placement, and rectangular right or left corners. The chaise is much like the sofa but the back rest is along the short end, giving the appearance of a bed. And customers will want to explore the possibility of the wood base styles, where the finished wood product is overlayed by upholstery. Much of the wood remains exposed, especially true of the styles featuring bamboo.
Most of the modern sectionals today can be custom-build by the consumer, and this includes not only the wood product chosen but also the interior filling. Many of the materials used today are actually toxic, so care should be taken when selecting a filler. The idea of going green is appealing to an increasing number of individuals, and manufacturers now offer a great many foam fillers that are made from 100 percent natural latex. In addition to the fillers, buyers have the choice of inquiring about the origin of any woods used in the sectionals. Much of the wood in modern furniture is actually recycled material, reconstructed to have a natural, original look. The aforementioned bamboo is carefully selected from commercial farming areas, therefore the environment as a whole is not greatly affected.

Viesso has compiled a great many sectional styles with chaise attachments, all of which can be viewed online at The number of custom designs that can be built using the base materials is staggering, and the color choices are equally impressive. Viesso offers a large number of filler compositions as well, and there is now an exclusive Viesso brand line of sectionals that are unique in appearance. Visit the online store today for complete information on ordering, product materials and shipping policies. The great sectionals all have two things in common, and those are high quality materials with adjustable placements. Viesso has the best selection in the industry, and invites everyone to preview the exciting styles now in stock.

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