Selecting Good Accent Wallpapers

Are you looking for the perfect accent wallpaper for a transitional space? Accent wallpaper is great for creating a foyer in your home where there isn’t one or for illuminating a wall of a room. Using accent wallpaper is trend that can instantly modernize your home and completely change the dynamics of a room. Here are some suggestions for how you can create a modern and stylish look on your home’s walls.

Accent Wallpapers in the Bedroom

Many people are adopting the idea of accent wallpaper for their bedroom by using accent wallpaper for one specific wall of the room. This wall is typically the wall that appears behind the head of the bed. An accent wallpaper behind your bed creates a striking look that can even replace the need for an ornamental headboard on your bed.

When selecting accent wallpaper for a bedroom wall, you should start by considering the color scheme of your room. An accent wallpaper works best when it is the only complex color scheme featured in the room. You should select other more neutral colors and solid color ideas for the rest of the room. The furniture itself can also provide a contrast to the accent wall by selecting furniture pieces that are solid colors or neutral patterns such as wood.

Another idea would be to find an accent wallpaper to compliment your bedding. Finding an accent wallpaper to match the fabric on your throw pillows may be a bit tricky but they can create a very stylish look.

Geometric and floral designs are popular ideas this season for an accent wall and with high quality printing technologies available, you can receive sharp, realistic looking patterns that will bring contemporary design to the next level in your bedroom.

Using Accent Wallpapers to Create a Foyer

If the entrance space in the front of your home does not leave much area for a foyer or empties directly in the living room, accent wallpaper can be used to trick the eye into thinking that the space is larger than it actually is. As you create your foyer, consider selecting an accent wallpaper that will provide a complementary design to that of your main entrance room without being too similar.

Accent wallpaper designs that incorporate stripes or leaf patterns can provide the look that you are after. You should also set up a small coat rack against the wall that contains the accent paper to further the feel that your entrance room actually has a foyer.

Using Accent Wallpapers in Other Areas of the Home

Accent wallpapers come in such a variety of designs that it is possible to find a good accent wallpaper that will match any design theme in the room. Aside from maximizing the space of the room, accent wallpaper can also be used to minimize the presence of appliances and electronics in the room.

Appliances and electronics often bring a harsh energy to the room and often end up reducing the effectiveness of the interior design elements that you have worked so hard to bring together. Except for high end items, most appliance and electronics designers unfortunately don’t really consider the design of a room. Therefore it is highly likely that you will have to work around these items

If you are trying to minimize the appearance of electronics, consider using accent wallpaper that has metallic or color themes that match the color of the electronics. This will help the TV or your home theater system seamlessly fade into the background of the wall.

For dealing with appliances, using bold colors that really pop can make the appliances seem less noticeable in the room because the eye will become more focused on the distracting colors of the room.

In the kitchen, you will likely fare better will incorporating an accent wallpaper to bring a refreshing look to your room and minimize the appearance of your appliances. Consider using an accent wall behind a kitchen table area or behind the stove. Using the accent wallpaper in these areas can help open up the room a lot in small kitchens.

One Final Tip

Accent wallpaper is a quick way to change the interior design of any room of your home. Although it may be tempting to use this idea over and over in your home, try to keep using it to one or two rooms in your home. As the accent wallpaper idea is used, repeating accent wallpaper will unfortunately make the idea lose its effectiveness.

How have you used accent wallpaper in your home? Are there any patterns that you feel work particularly well for certain situations? Chat with us about it, we’d love to hear.

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