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Many people today are interested in creating a healthy home as well as helping to protect the earth. These concerns have led to a desire for eco-friendly furniture and the information necessary to make good choices. This means taking into account the kind of materials used in the construction of the furniture, as well as any chemicals contained in the paint or other finishing compounds, including the upholstery. Because green living in general and buying green furniture in particular is fast becoming a popular segment of retail products, more selections are available in quality, color and cost, making it easier to shop eco-friendly furniture stores and match personal needs and style.

If buying new furniture, first decide what pieces are needed from a functional standpoint, such as a sofa, extra seating, storage, and so on. Next think of the type of material that would best fit the present decor. Certain woods such as bamboo and teak are sustainable, meaning the earth will not run out of them as they are easy to replenish. Reclaimed wood is another source that takes little toll on the earth's resources.

Sustainable Material

Bamboo, for instance, is actually a grass--not a tree--and is so fast-growing and versatile that it is used in almost every area of home building and furnishing. Most of the bamboo in use is grown in China without pesticides, making it one of the best green materials available. A few growers may use chemicals and pesticides, so if something is very low priced, try to determine how it was grown before buying

If another kind of wood is desired, then look for FSC--Forest Stewardship Council--certified wood. In order to have that certification, the wood must come from harvesting operations that meet strict economic, social and environmental standards. Its largest certifier is the Rainforest Alliance, and it is the industry standard. The main sources of green wood are from sustainable tree farms and forests and reclaimed wood.

For upholstered furniture, look for companies that use natural materials such as jute webbing, organic cotton, natural feathers and down, natural latex, FSC certified frames and glues that are water-based. Look for furniture with a Greenguard certification, ensuring the items have low toxicity, with little or no VOC--Volatile Organic Compounds--such as formaldehyde and flame retardant chemicals. To avoid releasing toxic substances into the home's atmosphere, buy only furniture that is treated with natural substances, or untreated.

Recycled Material

Consider purchasing recyclable furniture for home or office. Most metals and plastics are able to be recycled, and fiber sacks and steel mesh can be re-used to make upholstered pieces. Many hotels and commercial buildings are now using furnishings made from recycled material due to its durability and earth-friendliness.

Protecting the environment of the home, the workplace, and the earth must be a goal and priority of every responsible adult. When it is time to shop, eco friendly furniture will help meet the worthy cause of improving the present for everyone and the future for those to come. For high quality, modern, eco-friendly furniture visit Viesso today!

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