Shop, Wrap, Love, Repeat

With the Holiday Season upon us, and gift buying in full swing, we want to take a minute to toss out our suggestions for some of your favorite people. Click

For The Magazine Addict, otherwise known as your sister, the Magazine Rack from Gus*Modern is a win. If she ever grows out of her magazine phase (not likely), this multi-use piece can work as a towel rack or for storing children’s books, among other things. Throw in a year subscription to her favorite read, and you’ve got yourself a golden gift.

For The Lumberjack in your life, also referred to as your boyfriend, the Timber End Table is just as unique as the man you’ll be gifting it to. Aside from being a stand out piece for any home, it doubles as a storage space when turned upside down.

For the New Homeowner in your world (you know, your high school best friend who somehow saved enough to purchase her first place), gifting an In-Home Design Consultation is the right size, color, fit, and feel. You’ll have her in tears of joy, making it a great time to claim the guest bedroom for the next month. Or year. We’re not judging.

For the person who is convinced they ought to have their own cooking show on the Food Network, lovingly known as Dad, the Pure Black Chef‘s Knife Set is sure to have him yelling "bam!" upon opening. Made by the design team at Stelton, these beauties will spice up the kitchen and cut in line for you, making you the favorite child yet again (like there was ever a doubt).

For your favorite World Traveler (you know, your little brother, who is putting off getting a job in favor of surfing the world), the Upcycle Ottoman will satisfy both his love for saving the planet, as each ottoman is made from recycled coffee bean bags, and be a great conversation piece when he finally does settle down and live in one place for more than a month.

For more gift inspiration, head here. Happy Gift Giving!

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