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Small Spaces, Big Design: Kitchen Edition

After our first Small Spaces blog post, we couldn’t help but think about all the little (pun intended) tips & tricks that come with each individual room in a small space home. First up? The Kitchen.

We’re completely tickled by the idea of a custom table that folds down to make extra space in the room, and folds up to make extra counter or eating space. Could it possibly get better? Well, yes, if it was made of eco-friendly materials.

Hang your pots, pans, whosits and whatsits galore. Hanging items instead of storing them in drawers or cabinets, creates lots of extra space. Plus, pending how and where you hang your kitchen accessories, this can add a wonderful and custom design element.

As noted in the first small spaces post, vertical space can be your new best friend, and these cabinets surely fit the bill. This welcoming kitchen also utilizes wonderful use of mostly clean, neutral colors, with just the right amount of pops of color. Everything blended together creates a quirky yet modern design.

Speaking of pops of color, we love the idea of painting the inside of your kitchen cabinets. This way, the exteriors maintain the bright, white look that creates the feel of a larger space, yet as soon as the cabinets are opened, the personality and presence of the home owner is truly felt. We also love this as it’s a super simple DIY to create a custom kitchen design.

Some of our other favorite tricks are to call on the use of a rolling cart, which can be stored easily in other rooms when extra space is needed. It also provides more storage, and counter space, and can easily be customized to your taste. We also love the “over the sink” boards and dish drying racks. Instead of taking up counter space, your sink becomes an extra area to house these items.

Small kitchens are tricky, but with a little creativity, and a lot of patience, you can easily create a functional, unique, custom, and modern space to cook, eat, entertain and live in.

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