Square Dining Tables: Selecting the Right One for Your Home

A dining table is the most important element of a dining room. Your dining room table is what sets the tone for the room and makes the dining room an inviting place for family and friends to get together. Square dining tables, as well as round ones, are very popular. However, if you are trying to figure out what will work best in your space, you will need to start with the basics. Here are some tips to help you select the right square dining table.

Choosing the Size

A square dining table should make it possible for all of the guests to be comfortable and walk around the table easily. The width of the table should be no less than 3 feet wide so that there will be enough space for the food as well as the place settings. If you opt for a longer table, you should make sure to adjust this width requirement accordingly.

How to Measure Your Space

Start by taking a measurement of the space. To permit your guests to sit and get up from the table easily, you should leave around 45 inches of space between the table and the wall. You should so take measurements to check to make sure that there is enough space between the table and other furniture pieces in the room. If there is other furniture in the room, this measurement should be taken from the other furniture in the room and not from the wall.

Square Table Benefits

Square dining tables are a top option for square dining rooms. Square dining tables help to keep the room balanced and looking proportional is a room that is likely to be symmetrical. Square dining tables typically seat between four to eight people. In this way they are the perfect size so that they don’t overpower other items In the dining area. A square table also means that every seated person is equidistant from the other people that are seated at the table. This brings a relaxed, conversational air.

As with tables that are round, the larger a square table is the more difficult it will be to enjoy a large meal around it as your guests will be constantly reaching for things. If you want to be able to accommodate eight people or more, you should either opt for a square tablet with a leaflet that allows you to change the shape of the table to a larger more rectangular shape.

Square Table Drawbacks

If you are trying to determine if there might be any issues with a square table, you should know that square tables that can’t be adjusted don’t work in rectangular dining rooms. If you can convert your square table to a rectangular one than this is no longer an issue. Square tables don’t work many times because the seating on two sides of the table will be too close to the wall. The other issue is that if you need additional seats for guests, they will unable to sit at the table and instead will be forced to sit in a tight corner.

Under the Dining Table

While making sure that your guests have enough room to eat comfortable and picking the right design are important, it is also a good idea to research the options for the legs of the dining table. Here is a brief list of various dining table leg options:

Tables with four legs are great because they are good for allowing plenty of room under the table. These table legs work well for families and people who like a lot of leg room. You can also opt for a table with a pedestal base. This base option is great for saving on space. Pedestal tables are typically available with round tops but it may be available to find ones with a square top.

If your table is going to be used for a multiple of uses, consider going with the options that allow you a lot of flexibility. It will likely be that your table is not only good for eating but is also a place to do homework, play a game or read.

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