Steel Outdoor Furniture

Steel Outdoor FurnitureThe search for durable outdoor furniture will reveal numerous options. While many of these will be viable, there is one that stands out. Outdoor furniture that utilizes steel in construction has superior longevity.

A prestigious and reliable source for your steel outdoor furniture is Viesso. The Santa Monica, California based firm offers a unique quality selection that will fill your needs. While they maintain a showroom in Santa Monica, they have expanded to cover an unlimited area through their website and online store.

The Viesso selection is broad but we will focus on such furniture that utilizes steel in its construction. Viesso carries many brands such as sohoConcept, Mamagreen, MODLOFT, Fermob and more. With a selection that’s sure to please, Viesso is your one stop source for all your steel outdoor furniture needs.

The Bistro Chaise Longue is an attractive adjustable chair utilizing top grade steel construction.Bistro chaise Lounge Produced by Fermob, it is part of the quality assortment of outdoor chairs and tables known as the Bistro collection. Fermob is located outside of Lyon, France in Thoissey.

Another offering from Fermob is the Bistro Dining Set.Bistro Dining Set this modern outdoor ensemble includes a table and two chairs which are all collapsible for easy storage or transport. It’s perfect for your porch or patio and is available in a rainbow of colors.

Fermob offers this unique Rendez Vous Nesting Table for outdoor use. Made of top grade steel, the set includes three tables that nest together for compact storage. Finish is available in a wide palate of cheerful colors.

Fermob presents a great all-purpose outdoor table with the Craft Table. The simple but eye-catching table is built on a steel base with 56” square zinc coated steel sheet table top. The Craft Table folds for portability and may be adorned with a wide range of colors.

For those who favor the traditional look with modern durability, Fermob presents Louisiane Bench. Constructed entirely of top grade steel, this bench is finished in DuPont Powder which gives a quality similar to that of modern cars. It is available in a beautiful selection of colors.

Fermob also brings you the nicely designed Dune Folding Sunlounger. Constructed with a top grade steel frame, the chair features Outdoor Technical Fabric (OTF) mesh for your comfort. This unique material is polyester with a PVC coating. The material is resistant to mold, is UV protected, stays cool and comfortable and does not retain water.

The quality Barton Barstool is a handsome addition to your patio bar. This offering from MODLOFT features a stainless steel frame with leather seat. It is also offered in a beautiful variety of colors. The MODLOFT line presents a modern style that is affordable.

An unusually attractive item from MODLOFT is the Carey Bench. Made in Brazil, this item has either a crocco leather or natural hair seat. It is available in four different colors.

The Antwerp Fiber 3 Seater outdoor bench is sturdy and comfortable. Constructed of all-weather Rehau wicker and stainless steel, it features a dramatic inward tapering of the backs and seats. This delightful piece is also available in 2 seater and 1 seater configurations. The bench is made by Mamagreen, the firm founded by Belgian designer Vincent Cantaert.

Another beauty from Mamagreen is the Icon Batyline Pool Lounger. Built on a strong stainless steel frame trimmed in teak, the sturdy sling is crafted of Batyline, a material with stability and exceptional tear strength. It features a QuickDryFoam insert pad for extra comfort.

Double your pleasure with the elegant Icon Batyline Double Pool Lounger from Mamagreen. This extra-large outdoor pool lounger features durable Batyline slings over a stainless steel frame with teak accents. The Batyline is available in five beautiful colors.

A practical chair for all purpose outdoor use is the Mamagreen Sparta Fiber Stacking Chair. Built with a tough brushed stainless steel frame, the chair uses tough Rehau wicker which is resistant to abuse. Available in either black or white, the color will not dim or the wicker material lose its strength.

Elegant outdoor dining is yours with the Mamagreen Icon Bistro Teak Dining Set. Combining the ruggedness of stainless steel with the all-weather durability of teak, this set will seat four. Optional Sunbrella covered seat cushions are available in a wide selection of colors.

Mamagreen presents unique beauty and functionality with the Jane Fiber 2 Seater. This handsome outdoor sofa is crafted of hand woven all-weather Rehau wicker on a solid stainless steel base. The wicker fiber is available in three different colors. The cushions are finished in Sunbrella, the premium fabric for outdoor use. Available in six colors, they will maintain their brilliance even in the strongest sunshine and after intensive cleaning.

The plush Rio Outdoor Lounge 2 Seater by Mamagreen is simply begging you to take a nap. Built on a solid stainless steel frame with teak inlay, it features Batyline webbing support. This is topped by positively luxurious Stamskin leather-like cushions. The fabric is soft, strong and durable with waterproofing and tear resistance. The material is perfect for the outdoors.

The Bogard Teak Pondok is eye catching yet functional. This peerless entry from Mamagreen is constructed on a rock-solid stainless steel frame trimmed with teak. It features a rugged Batyline adjustable canopy. The mattress, cushions and pillows are finished in Sunbrella. Both are available in a variety of colors.

A similar design from Mamagreen is the Jane Daybed with Canopy. Built on a durable stainless steel frame, it is trimmed with handsome Rehau wicker fiber. The Sunbrella covered mattress features comfortable QuickDryFoam set on Rehau wicker base. Two pillows are included.

The perfect accessory for your Pondok or Daybed is the Mamagreen Bogard Teak Outdoor Coffee Table. It is a full 27” long with stainless steel frame and teak top. This table is a durable and beautiful addition to your outdoor suite.

A stylish table that has many uses is the Mamagreen Jane Low Table. The functional design combines a stainless steel base with Rehau wicker. This low outdoor table is equipped with a central stainless steel tray.

An item that is durable, functional and head turning is the Gus Stainless Steel Cube End Table. A simple five sided cube, the stainless steel table features polished edges. The brushed surface is refreshingly low maintenance.

Gus presents the Return Bench. A practical and mysteriously beautiful design, the bench features an exotic wood beam that seems to float between a stainless steel leg framework. The veneer wood seating area is 60” long.

Created by Harbour Outdoor, the Garden Court Teak Sun Lounge is a work of art. Built on a stainless steel frame topped with lustrous teak slats, the gently curving furnishing is at home by the pool or in the garden. Designed in Australia, it will be comfortable anywhere.

Another elegant design from Harbour Outdoor is the Soho White HPCL Dining Set. The table and chairs are built on a firm stainless steel frame with ultra-rugged HPCL slats. That unique material is a resin impregnated laminate that is rated to have zero formaldehyde emissions. It is entirely non-toxic and gives you a durable surface for outdoor dinner parties. The table is a spacious eighty inches long and comes with four chairs. There is room for additional chairs that may be ordered.

The casual Breeze Bench by Harbour Outdoor is constructed with a stainless steel frame topped by a Batyline mesh seat is the perfect stopping place for your guests. This simple yet elegant seat is available with Batyline mesh in three different durable colors.

Add warmth and timeless appeal to your cool outdoor evenings with the AB8 Burner by Australia based EcoSmart. This efficient heater is made entirely of grade 304 brushed stainless steel lending visual beauty to its capable functionality. It burns e-ng bio ethanol which is a renewable energy source. This greenhouse compliant ethanol fuel burns with a clean emission. The only output is heat, steam and carbon dioxide. This special fuel is available at the Viesso.

The fuel capacity is 2.1 gallons and the unit has a burn time of around eight hours. Due to its safe, eco-friendly output, the AB8 Burner can even be used indoors in rooms of sufficient size. The unit is portable and is designed to be placed on a non-combustible surface that has the necessary clearance. The burner works best outdoors so that you can experience indoor convenience with outdoor entertainment.

Serving your guests can be accomplished with Botanist Blink Trays by Ashley Sargent. These powder coated steel trays have an intricate design that is sleek and uniform. They offer something extra as proceeds benefit Save the Children.

An accessory both decorative and useful, the Stelton Paul Smith Containers Dot 55 will store your stuff while accenting your steel outdoor furniture. Paul Smith Containers - Dot 55 with a brushed stainless steel exterior, these little beauties are perfect for storage jobs on the patio or around the house. Made of 18/3 stainless steel, they have a lacquered Bakelite interior finish.

When you consider steel for your outdoor furnishings and accessories, consider Viesso as your partner. Offering only the highest world class furnishings, this established firm can assist you in making the quality decisions that will return dividends for years to come. Viesso has assisted such clients as Starbucks, Google, Facebook and more. The firm offers a world class selection that you will be hard pressed to find anywhere else. Allow Viesso to help you.

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