Storage Bench Placement Tips

Storage benches come in many different sizes and designs. The versatility of a storage bench will allow you to place one in nearly any room of your home. Here are a few tips for placing a storage bench in your home.

Storage Bench Options

A storage bench can offer a number of different options. Some storage benches have backrests or hidden storage. Storage benches that are designed to be placed at the foot of a bed, often lack armrests and backrests.

Placing a Storage Bench in Your Home

A storage bench is designed not only to look good, but to help you get more organized. If you are trying to decide where you want to put the storage bench, think of the rooms in which you have loose items about and how hiding them away could really improve the look of the room. By selecting the right storage bench design for your space, you can find the ideal storage bench for a bedroom, kid’s room, garden or the foyer.


The entranceway of your home is the first thing that a guest will see when entering your home. Placing a storage bench by the front door offers a place to take a moment to relax while removing outerwear. Storage benches in the foyer can be used to store umbrellas, shoes, coats, and other outdoor clothing accessories. For the best results, select a storage bench that not only looks good in the foyer but will also not clash with the décor in the rest of the home.

Garden or Patio

A storage bench when used outside offers the perfect option for storing items such as outdoor cushions and pool equipment. Instead of cluttering your home with these items, consider storing pool equipment, outdoor furniture accessories and gardening tools in a storage bench.

In the garden, a storage bench is not only a great place to store gardening items. It can also provide a tranquil relaxation spot that allows you to take advantage of the view of your garden when all of the plants are in bloom.

For the outdoors, selecting a storage bench that is durable is extremely important because the storage bench will exposed to the elements. Opt for a storage bench with an open design that will allow dirt and other debris to escape with ease. You will also want to make sure that the storage bench is waterproof so that your stored items will not be damaged by changing weather conditions.


A storage bench in the bedroom offers the ideal place to hide bed linens. You can place the storage bench at the foot of the bed. You can also create a corner reading nook in your bedroom by placing a large storage bench against the wall.


If you want your child’s playroom to stay clean and organized, a storage bench can provide a great place to store toys and other loose items that would otherwise be strewn about. However, it is important that you select a safe storage bench to use; one that has properly-designed hinges that will not slam shut. Using a storage bench as a window seat is also a great idea.

For a kids room, selecting the right style for your storage bench can be a little tricky because you have to make sure that the bench will match the décor and can also be used easily by children. Opt for a fun look, such as bold colors and patterns. If you plan to reuse the storage bench in another area of the home, a more refined, traditional look might be best.

Additional Storage Bench Tips

Deciding on which storage bench to purchase, is the first step. However, you can increase the comfort level of your storage bench by adding upholstery or placing some accent pillows on it.

Storage benches can help you to get your home more organized. Finding the right storage bench for your home is simple with Viesso. Review all of our storage bench options or click here to chat with a furniture expert today for further assistance!

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