Sustainable Bedroom Furniture

Sustainable bedroom furniture is any furniture that is made in a way that is environmentally sustainable and friendly. There are a number of different ways that such furniture can be considered environmentally friendly. The following are some things to take into consideration when looking for sustainable bedroom furniture:

What Type of Furniture do you Need?

The first step is to determine what type of furniture you need. Typical pieces of bedroom furniture are dressers, beds, console tables, standing lamps, end tables and night stands, and larger tables. These pieces of furniture can be purchased in a way that insures that they in some way either protect the environment or at least don’t use resources that don’t lead to further environmental damage.


One way to think of the question of buying sustainable environmental furniture is to use furniture with lumber that has been produced in a sustainable and ecologically responsible manner. Deforestation is a global problem, and the key is to try to fund furniture that has not been produced by lumber companies that cut trees in a wanton and non sustainable way.

One way to insure that the lumber used in the production of bedroom furniture is environmentally sound is to buy pieces that have been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council as environmentally friendly. This is an international organization that sets standard for responsible logging and lumber production. It gives certification stickers to companies in accord with its standards and to the retailers that sell products produced from the wood harvested by these lumber companies. Looking for the stickers on these pieces of furniture or browsing lists of FSC certified furniture sellers is a very good way to insure that lumber has been produced in an environmentally friendly way. This applies to bedroom furniture along with many other products.

Bamboo Furniture

Bamboo is an especially sustainable wood type. It is the “new thing” in the environmentally sustainable lumber trend. Bamboo can grow in many different climates, grows quickly, and regrows very soon after being initially harvested. It also looks excellent and has a classic eastern sort of appearance. So consider, for instance, getting a bamboo night table or even a dresser for your bedroom.

Non Toxic Finishes

Finishes for furniture can be anything from paints to stains to water resistant top coats. These finishes may be produced with toxic chemicals that during manufacture can leak into ground water and have deleterious effects on the environment. It’s possible to buy furniture made from finishes that do not use these materials and in this way help keep the environment pure and free of toxins. It may also be safer for indoor use because vapors and chips from these finishes will not get into circulation in the house. Be sure to contact Viesso for sustainable bedroom furniture that will surely suit your need today!

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