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Sustainable Furniture Choices to Furnish Your Home

In recent years leading up to now, the emphasis on sustainable furniture has been increasing. Today, awareness is higher than ever, as people recognize the need to reduce toxic waste and to focus on what is healthier for our indoor and outdoor environments.

Stylish, Utilitarian, Contemporary, and Sustainable

At Viesso, we are committed to providing our customers with exceptional alternatives with a consistent focus on the best Green methods for design, construction, manufacture, and production. Over the years that we have been in business, we’ve gained a terrific reputation for great style combined with a utilitarian and contemporary aesthetic, all of which incorporates the ultimate in sustainability.

Staying Abreast of the Latest Trends

Our effort is always to remain on the cutting edge of the newest approaches in furniture design and construction, staying abreast of all the latest trends when it comes to keeping things chemical free. With a holistic attitude towards life in general, we believe that how we furnish our homes and office spaces is unequivocally indicative of how we choose to live our lives.

Understanding the Green Mindset

Using green protocols doesn’t just have to do with picking the right materials. It’s a whole mindset that includes eliminating toxic byproducts and chemical pollutants, refusing to use GMO modified seeds to grow fabric, heeding the natural cycles of crop rotation to ensure the best growth processes, utilizing fair practices for workers, creating better protocols for transport that reduces waste and energy expenditure, and so much more.

Creating Beautiful Interiors and Exteriors Naturally

Our belief at Viesso is that we can create beautiful interiors and exteriors using natural and recycled materials that do not excessively impact our planet or compromise our health in any way. By using textiles like organic silk, cotton, wool, linen, and bamboo, turning away from synthetic dyes, implementing low chemical use binders, choosing natural fillers, and picking design firms to work with that uphold our Green standard, we know we are doing our part.

Wasting Nothing

With a design ethic that includes not making a single piece until it is ordered and paid for, we ensure that nothing is wasted. In this regard, we never have unsold furniture lingering on a showroom floor, which to us is the perfect metaphor for demonstrating our determination to keep our footprint as light as we can.

Expressing a Green Ethic without Compromising Taste

Using FSC Certified wood, bamboo, and reclaimed teak whenever possible, we give customers the chance to select exquisite materials that express Green living without compromising taste. All of the natural fillers, webbing, and other elements we use to create our stunning contemporary furniture are employed in a way that enhances design, helping to make every couch, chair, bed, and bookcase look like a one-of-a-kind collector’s item.

Custom Pieces for High Profile Clients

Because of our ability to wed style with an environmentally sound approach to construction, we have been asked to create custom pieces for a number of high profile establishments in the United States. Some of these include the Yannell House in Chicago, Illinois and the Wired House, where we reconfigured our Rondi Chairs and a sectional for the media room with exceptional Green applications. The list keeps expanding as clients recognize the beauty of our vision.

Creating a Contemporary Home with Healthy Furniture

We recognize that it is not always easy to decide on the right furniture to express your personal aesthetic, as well as your own commitment to Green. Our Viesso design experts are here to help advise and educate you when it comes to wood, finish, fillings, upholstery, and all of the other essential elements that will bring your home up to acceptable sustainability. Here are a few examples of the furniture we carry that will help you create a contemporary home with healthy furniture:

• The Pel Collection, a beautiful study in retro style
• The Strata Cinema Sofa, for a perfect home theatre space, complete with a middle arm area for that bowl of popcorn, wide side arms to seat extra guests, and a customizable storage area inside
• Our green beds, including the Buden Collection made of bamboo with cut-out storage areas, the Bramo Collection with its hidden mattress and tufted or quilted headboard, and the low profile and wide base Nini Collection
• The Split Back Deluxe Sofa Bed that takes leatherette to a whole new dimension
• The Blumen Settee Sofa Lounger made of locally sourced SFI Certified alder

Exploring Green Innovations Worldwide

Of course there is so much more in our catalogue that it is well worth your while to visit our online store to see all the sustainable furniture choices that can be yours. Besides our Viesso line, we feature designs from companies in Scandinavia, Spain, Canada, and other countries where Green innovations are being explored in ways that excite and ignite the imagination.

Contact Us Today

As the premier company for contemporary furniture, Viesso is pleased to be able to help you make your home and office as sustainable as can be. Feel free to contact us with any questions through our website at: www.viesso.com

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