Sustainable Table

When you care about the environment every decision you take steps to reduce your carbon footprint and take better care of the Earth. You take care with the resources you use and try to buy recycled products. You support companies that are environmentally responsible. Now you can extend your responsibility to the furniture that you bring into your home. The next time you need a coffee table or dining table, choose a sustainable one for a truly responsible choice.

FSC Certified Wood Products

FSC certified woods are those that are approved by the Forest Stewardship Council as coming from responsible sources. These manufacturers must meet certain standards as set forth by the FSC. They must comply with all local laws and the principles of the FSC. They must respect the rights of indigenous people to use and manage their own land. They are also known for working to conserve resources and ecosystems throughout the lumbering process. Many FSC companies have managed plantations where the world’s lumber needs can be met without stripping the natural resources. When you choose a sustainable table made from FSC lumber you are making a responsible choice that is good for the environment.\


Sustainable tables can also make good use of glass, a recyclable material. The look is modern and the clear color of the glass maintains an open feel. Because the material can be recycled the effect on the Earth is minimal.


Sustainable tables also use natural linseed oil to finish the products so there are no harmful chemicals causing problems for the waterways. Another option for finishing wood on sustainable tables is a low VOC clear coat that is also gentle on the environment. Avoiding the use of harsh chemicals is good for the workers and for the environment.


Another ideal option for sustainable tables is to choose tables that are crafted from bamboo. Bamboo is actually a fast growing grass that can be harvested and is regrown in a matter of a few months rather than several decades. Bamboo has a lovely grain that can be stained to light or dark colors.


Metal and glass or wood combine for a look that is modern and elegant. Aluminum is completely recyclable and is an environmentally friendly choice for furniture. Because it is metal does not mean that it has to be cold and uninviting. When paired with FSC certified wood or bamboo the aluminum can also be warm and inviting.

Built When Ordered

Truly sustainable furniture is built when it’s ordered, and only when it’s ordered. While this may cause a slight time delay when you order it, building it when ordered also eliminates the problem of furniture being constructed that may not be purchased.

Modern furniture designs fit well with sustainable choices. Whether you want a table for the living room or the dining area, there are sustainable tables that will look fantastic in your home. Choose a table that fits with your beliefs and your dedication to the planet; choose sustainable tables for your home. Contact Viesso to find the sustainable table that is right for you today!

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