The Best Latex Mattress

The OrganicPedic latex mattress is made from environmentally friendly, all natural ingredients. You'll sleep comfortably knowing that your latex mattress is hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, and of course anti-dust mites. For those with sensitive skin, allergies, or asthma this mattress is the best on the market today. The hypoallergenic benefits will give you relief from conditions caused by other mattresses. Quality all natural recyclable materials are important, but you buy a latex mattress for its fantastic comfort, which you can only get with a OrganicPedic latex mattress.

Organic Latex Mattresses vs Synthetic Latex Mattresses

Latex mattresses come in two types organic or synthetic. An organic latex mattress is 100% natural and made from rubber tree sap. Synthetic latex mattresses are made from chemical materials making them similar to memory foam mattresses. Mattresses made from chemical materials give off minute amounts of gas, and can cause various skin reactions. Synthetic mattresses also sleep "hot". The synthetic materials retain body heat. While generally lower in cost they are not environmentally friendly and may cause allergic reactions. Our top quality latex mattress is "green" it is made of natural recyclable materials, and designed to last for 30 years or more! The supreme comfort and peace of mind you get knowing you will have a great night sleep for years to come makes purchasing our OrganicPedic mattress an easy choice.

TheOrganicPedic Flora

The OrganicPedic Flora is made from cruelty-free Eco-Wool, certified organic cotton, and 100%-natural rubber latex- all renewable, biodegradable materials. Made in the U.S., the manufacturer, OMI, is located in northern California. Regarded as one of the top manufacturers of the highest quality natural latex mattresses in the country, OMI has an outstanding reputation for thorough attention to detail and quality precision in all their products.

The 100% natural OrganicPedic Flora has a three inch firm inner layer core which is installed between two layers of two inch soft latex which is then covered with OrganicPedic quilting. Latex is firm yet very yielding, conforming to the shape of your body. It provides you with unmatched support and relaxing comfort. From your first encounter with this great latex mattress you will notice the quality of durable craftsmanship and you will feel the exquisite relaxation of sleeping on your OrganicPedic Flora. That first impression will not fade, rest assured, your satisfaction and delight with your mattress will last for many pleasurable years.

Your new latex mattress comes with a 20 year warranty from the manufacturer, OMI. At Viesso we extensively research any products we sell from other brands and we only sell the highest quatlity products. You can come in and compare all the OrganicPedic models at our Santa Monica showroom in Los Angeles.

Viesso Online

We sell nationwide online, so you can purchase your new OrganicPedic latex mattress online. Get information on suggestions of things you can do when purchasing your custom furniture at Viesso. When you buy your OrganicPedic latex mattress, you will know you have made a valuable investment in your comfort and sleep for years to come.

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