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Viesso sells furniture from our Los Angeles based store that focuses on style, comfort, functionality, and the use ofsustainable and eco-friendly materials and processes. All products, including upholstered and case goods, are made in Los Angeles. Creating locally keeps the lead-time shorter, allows us to maintain a higher level of quality than outsourcing can, benefits the environment because it reduces the need to ship overseas, and also supports our local economy.

As part of our client strategy we have carefully looked at the shopping experience cycle because we understand that after buying a home and a car, furniture purchases are the third largest investment most of us will make. We know this means a lot of emotion can be involved.

When you visit many stores or websites to select your furniture it can be quite confusing as it can all look quite similar, yet prices can vary greatly. Also, some pieces might look wonderful in the showroom or on the website and after they arrive in your home you can soon become disenchanted.

We’ve tackled these issues in the following ways:

Visit our store with our help

In the longer term we plan to have showrooms in other cities as well. Until then, if you are located outside of Southern California and want to fly to visit our showroom and spend at least $4,000 (before tax and delivery), we will pay up to $400 of the cost of your plane ticket as a discount on your order. As part of our commitment to the environment, we will also help offset the carbon emitted with your plane flight by donating money to the Carbon Fund.

Return Policy

Whether you purchase online or in our store, to help ease your thoughts, we gladly extend a 100% satisfaction guarantee and returns on almost all items.

Ordering Material Samples

Many of our brands offer material samples that are sent to you before any purchases are made. These fabric and wood pieces are sent to you directly from the manufacturer so you can see the color in your rooms alongside your other furnishings and feel the texture to assist you with your decisions.

Tips for buying online

Most people look forward to receiving their new furniture purchases with eager anticipation. So it is important that you do your homework thoroughly before making the final commitment. Here are some guides to assist:


When you start your search for furniture, not only do you need to think about your personal taste but also the scale of the designs. It can be disappointing if your furniture does not fit into your room quite the way you imagine. Furniture designed for small units or apartments will more than likely look lost in a large Victorian style home, just as large-scale furniture will give a small apartment a very crammed feeling even if it fits in the room.

One way to solve this dilemma is to determine the maximum space you have to work with, taking into account any constraining features of your space as well as the existing pieces of furniture. You can use a tape measurer or step out the measurements in your room and even follow up using gridded paper to do a drawing to assist. Exploring possible answers to the following questions will bring clarity and therefore confidence, as well as potentially push your design skills to a new level.


What are the main activities in this room and how will the furniture enhance doing these? What is the planned placement for the furniture? Will this new furniture be placed against a wall or will it be free floating in the middle of the space? How does this arrangement influence access to the TV and fireplace, as well as focal points in the room such as a window view? Is there a desire to section off the room or is the plan to keep it as open as possible? Will I be moving out soon or should I be specific to my current dwelling?

Configuration with other furniture

Could different furniture pieces increase the flexibility and character of the planned configuration or would a modular series be better? Will this become my main piece or will it be more supplementary to existing pieces?

Are stains or pet fur a large concern?

If you have young children, dogs, or even messy friends, you may want to stay with darker colors to help hide stains. Certain fabrics are easier to clean than others depending on the material they are made from (synthetics are easier than natural fibers) and their cleaning code. Avoid weaves and intricate fabrics that are easier for claws and fingers to snag, and often make hair removal more difficult.

U.S. Rub Codes

The best way to measure the durability of any fabric is by looking at its “rub count” which is determined by The Wyzenbeek test that assesses the fabric’s abrasion resistance. A machine rubs the fabric until it is eroded through and so the higher the amount of rubs it takes the more durable the fabric. At Viesso we carry fabrics with rub counts of up to 1,000,000 so we can best meet your needs.

Material Costs

Materials account for about 50% of the cost of producing a piece of furniture, and design and labor are the other factors that determine price. You might want to splurge on a world famous brand or you could choose products that are made in regions that have much lower labour costs, provided they are made according to international quality standards. This is an item of furniture produced by a good factory operating under ISO9001 quality control measures with low labour costs.

External appearance is relatively easy to mimic, however, it is the internal structure and the finishing process that impacts quality. So choosing a supplier with a long history, a good reputation, and a good management culture is critical. Don’t be misled by products that look similar – ask the right questions about quality and understand what is not readily apparent.

To discover how we can help you end your search for the perfect piece of furniture, please contact us today! We can be reached through our online form or by phone at 877.8.VIESSO.

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