The Missing Pieces

We love this clean, white space. It’s modern and fresh and full of light. However, we think there may be a few things missing. Click through to find out what we’d add to this room to make it even more awesome.

First up, we’d add in several Tam Tam A2 Wall Lamps. These wall sconces have either one or two shades that are able to rotate a full 360 degrees, allowing light to shine in any direction. With bold color choices available, they also add great color to the space.

Next up, we’d add a Bolla 8 Modular Storage unit to this room, right underneath the framed photo on the right side of the room. Working in just a bit more color, this unit offers a playful storage option. Should you need more storage than seen here, there are plenty of other storage units available in the same line that work together seamlessly.

The Fold Folded Linen Pillow is a cozy and welcoming option for the couch. The pleated look makes a unique statement while the calming grey color keeps this pillow workable in any space.

Last up, we’d tuck the Drum Ottoman just to the left of the couch, and right of the chairs. Offering the option of showcasing smaller items, as seen here, or extra seating for your guests (or your feet), this multi-use piece will quickly become a fan favorite.

There are so many options for this space and nearly anything will work. We’d love to hear what you’d add to this room in the comment section below! Happy decorating!

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