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The Perfect Mid-Century Modern Sofa

It may the be the year 2016. However, some homeowners are going back in time to explore the unique furniture designs of the 1950's and 60's. While it may seem strange that so many people are attracted to furniture from this time period, it isn’t hard to figure out why once you understand what makes mid-century modern furniture so special.

For many people, having mass-produced modern furniture in their homes in recent times has lead to more interest in the designs of yesteryear. Although, the ingenious designs of mid-century modern furniture became popular over 60 years ago, the underlying principles behind these designs are still relevant today. Mid-century modern was all about creating furniture with clean lines made from quality materials, that was also unique, yet functional.

The Living Room Sofa Is Most Important

In addition, designing your home in the mid-century modern aesthetic is a bit of a treasure hunt because you can incorporate items from many different sources, including flea markets, furniture stores, and even yard sales. In addition, with so many options for mid-century modern furniture, you can find just about anything you want if you know where to look.

mid century sofa

Since the living room is one of the most important spaces in your house, it is only natural that you might want to start there with the updates for your home. In addition, creating a mid-century modern aesthetic in this room is easier since you won’t have to remove appliances or engage in a complex remodeling project, in most cases.

As you look for furniture items, you should start with a statement piece, such as a sofa. Here’s what makes for a perfect mid-century modern sofa so that you know what to look for as you shop:

1. It Should Look Similar to Lines From That Era

If you want the perfect mid-century modern sofa, look closely at the details at some of the most popular brands from that era, George Nelson or Noguchi. You’ll find that mid-century modern sofas should have wood legs, not be too oversized, and have tufting or some other detail. Wood was also chosen as the perfect material to highlight the rich upholstery and to ensure the stability and durability of the sofa.

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If you think that you should head to the antique store to find a sofa, you might want to reconsider your decision. Even though vintage sofas seem awesome, you'll never really know where they've been or what's been on (or in) the cushions and upholstery. In addition, finding a vintage mid century modern sofa that can fit perfectly with the rest of your modern decor is extremely challenging.

As a result, purchasing replica furniture is about the closest that you can get to purchasing a mid century modern sofa that is historically accurate in its design and also offers contemporary updates that will match your modern decor. In addition, you’ll also get the excellent craftsmanship that comes along with high quality replica furniture.

2. It Should Come With Options

You'll also need to decide whether you want to capture the 1950s and 60s aesthetic exactly, or if you'd like to update the upholstery of your sofa to a more modern option as the color preferences that today’s furniture shoppers have are very different from what furniture shoppers back then were looking for.

One idea is to keep the furniture style but change the color to something a bit more contemporary. Using neutral colors for the upholstery can allow you to enjoy the shape of the sofa without the mustard, avocado, tangerine and other garish colors that were popular for furniture then.

3. It Should Be Built to Last

A major reason why there has been so much interest in mid-century modern furniture in recent years is because furniture made during this era wasn’t only stylish, it was also well-made. The chair designs were ergonomic and the tables were uniquely shaped to match almost any space requirements. The sofas were upholstered with tightly-woven durable fabrics. As a result, functionality is a very important feature that defines the mid century modern sofa.

mid century sofa

While cheaper, less durable materials soon came to rule in the world of cheap furniture, most people soon discovered that poorly constructed sofas with low quality materials are terrible investments.

These days, people want furniture that will stand up to everyday wear and tear for years to come and they are willing to pay a bit more for it. Choosing a mid-century modern sofa that features a solid wood frame with leather or tightly-woven fabric upholstery will ensure that your sofa is designed to last.

Find Your Mid-Century Modern Sofa

The nostalgia for the mid-century modern look is not showing any signs of becoming just another relic of the past. In fact, it seems that as time goes on more and more interior designers are incorporating the unique furniture elements of that time.

If you are considering purchasing a new sofa, here is a great place to start.


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