Things to Know Before Buying Contemporary Furniture

Buying contemporary furniture is a tremendous asset to your home. When you are purchasing your unique custom made Viesso piece, you are not only investing in the aesthetic value of your home, but in your comfort as well as the well being of the environment and so much more. There are a number of things you should know before buying contemporary furniture.

Will your new furniture match the other furniture you already have in your home?

In order to keep your home looking it's best, it is wise to consider a color scheme or a theme. It will be well worth your time to research home decorating websites, magazines or consider hiring a consultant for ideas on how to optimize your space and which furniture pieces will meet your practical needs as well as keep your home looking at it's best.

Less is always more.

A home that has too many furniture pieces can end up looking cluttered and disorganized no matter how nice or helpful each piece is. Before you purchase your new furniture item, consider where it will go and if it will end up 'crowding' your living space, you might want to consider getting rid of an existing item or moving it to a different room.

Is it green?

In this day and age, there is no excuse for furniture companies not to utilize the technology that enables them to provide the highest care to the environment. At Viesso, we make the utmost considerations to provide our customers with the best quality furniture that is also green. We know you care for the environment and we do too.

How easy is it to move from one place to the other?

Depending what you want to use your new piece of furniture for, how easy it is to move is an important consideration. Most contemporary furniture like Viesso pieces take this into account during manufacture. Our furniture is created with your convenience in mind and sustainability at the core. Although antique furniture tended to be created with heavy materials and fashioned in a bulky manner, contemporary furniture is created with the convenience of the furniture owner in mind. Bulky furniture not only crowds the space, but can cause injuries while moving and can damage walls and flooring. Contemporary furniture tends to take into mind each of these factors and can be assembled or taken apart with greater ease, is made with lighter materials and can fit into smaller places for the most part. Viesso custom furniture is particularly created with the ultimate satisfaction of each furniture owner and we know that the convenience of easily moving your furniture is important, especially if it a versatile piece.

How much space does it take up?

Contemporary furniture offers furniture buyers a great diversity in personal style including color, shape and even size. This is especially important in urban settings where space maximization is key. What used to be a bulky over stuffed sofa that took up half a living room can be found in contemporary furniture as a chic small piece that is as functional and as aesthetic, while providing furniture owners the invaluable gift of extra space in their apartment, town house or condo homes.

Customer Care

You want to be sure when you are buying your contemporary furniture that you have access to quality customer service. You want to be happy with your purchase and we at Viesso do our best to make sure that you are not only happy with your new furniture but with your experience as a whole. Customer service representatives should be friendly and helpful. At Viesso, we answer all your questions, discuss your options, listen to concerns and so much more. Another important aspect about buying this kind of furniture is being sure that you can return it with ease if it does not fully meet your furnishing needs. At Viesso, we offer you hassle free and easy returns. This ensures that you have the greatest ease of mind when you are shopping for your contemporary furniture and end up with exactly what you want.

The Bottom Line

You may be able to afford so much more than you think you do with great financing options. Before purchasing, it is a good idea to inquire about any special offers or payment arrangements that are being offered to enable you to buy exactly what you need for your particular furnishing needs even if it might be more than what you think you can afford. You can also be sure you are getting the best prices with our price guarantee.

What are the Shipping Costs

Getting a contemporary piece of furniture from the store website to your home can be a costly venture. At Viesso, we provide free shipping, which results in tremendous savings, as furniture can be heavy and costly to move. Our wide online selection of contemporary furniture allows you at the touch of a button to ensure that your furniture arrives right at your front door, well packed with the utmost care and the greatest convenience to you, all for free with our free shipping option.

Seasonal or Store Specific Sales

Sales during specific times during the year like Thanksgiving and Christmas are great times to check out contemporary furniture deals. At Viesso we offer our customers sales year round for great overall savings. With a little bit of research you can find some great deals to transform your home at affordable rates. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter for an instant 5% discount and the latest news, deals and exclusive offers.

Know exactly what you are buying

We at Viesso know that you don't need to be a furniture expert to get a high quality piece furniture. We offer our customers material samples to physically touch and choose from. We know that each person has his or her own taste and preferences and we custom make our furniture to fit you. Our material samples ensure you get just what you want. We also provide our customers with the "You Fly We Buy" option which entails you coming to see our top of the line furniture while we pay for your flight. We also provide you with in-home consultations which entails a highly qualified designer coming to see your space with great ideas and material samples. If you do end up buying your contemporary furniture with us, you will even receive a $99 refund towards your purchase. You can choose to purchase your piece conveniently from a wide selection online or visit our showroom to test out, touch and feel our furniture for yourself. Showrooms are also a great way to get contemporary furnishing ideas, choose personal comfort preferences and talk to our friendly staff face to face.

Custom Make It for Less

At Viesso, you can create your custom furniture to fit your space, while fitting your color and material preferences. Let us make your space great, call or click today to speak with one of our staff members to get started on furnishing your home or office to your specifications.

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