Tips on How to Arrange Furniture in your Living Room Space

A living room can be so many things for so many people. Maybe it’s where you snuggle up with your spouse and your kids to hang out, watch TV and play games. Maybe it’s where you seat guests when they come to visit. If you live by yourself, it could be your workspace or your party space. Just as there are a variety of uses for a living room, there are also many different ways to arrange the furniture in it. How you arrange your furniture speaks volumes about how you live in that space.

What’s the Point?

Before settling on an arrangement, it is important to consider how you use your living room. What is the focus? Conversation? The television? Lounging? Working? Furniture is not something you should arbitrarily throw into a room. Having a plan that takes the purpose of the space into account is imperative.

Who wants to try and have a conversation when everyone is seated side by side on a couch that is more suited to watching TV or napping? You’ll wind up shouting around one another and everyone will be leaning forward or back, trying to see the person they are talking to. And who wants to watch TV squished in a chair that doesn’t allow them to easily see the TV? The style and shape of the furniture must be chosen to facilitate the arrangement that will make whatever it is you choose to do in your living room possible, comfortable and inviting.

The Strata: It’s for Everyone

If conversation is the primary focus of your living room, whether with friends or family, it is best to choose furniture that can easily be rearranged. Our sectional sofas, such as the Strata, combined with a few pieces from our wide variety of chairs and loveseats, provide you and your guests with mobility and extra space, allowing everyone to join and follow the conversation effortlessly. The Strata’s low, wide arms can also be used for extra seating when the number of guests increases unexpectedly. Adding a Tips On How To Arrange Furniture In Your Living Room Space chaise lounger section provides an L-shape that is extremely conducive to chatting and making sure everyone feels included.

If you prefer a more cozy, boob-tube watching atmosphere, the Strata’s deep frame invites you to wallow away the day, providing a loungy kind of comfort. Add overstuffed pillows and a fuzzy blanket and you have the perfect excuse to spend the day watching an entire season (or more) of your favorite television show or to finally have that Karate Kid marathon you had always planned on. Pop some popcorn, grab some ice cream, curl up and doze off on this dreamer of a sofa.

Because it is a sectional, the Strata has many different sections that can be added which will provide enough space for the entire family to snuggle up together and watch the latest Disney movie. The chaise sectional provides an L-shape that, coupled with mobile chairs or a loveseat, is perfect for playing board games on a coffee table.

It also provides the lounging loner with enough room to stretch out, yawn and appreciate the luxury of a day that is entirely his or her own. Nap, watch television, curl up with a good book and a glass of wine…no matter how you choose to spend that day off, you can rest assured that the Strata will cradle you, making it one of the most relaxing days you’ve had in a long time.

Now, if your living room is where you work, the Strata is also the perfect option for you. Its low, wide arms are the perfect surface for your laptop, notebooks and books. Working on a Strata won’t seem like work at all, especially since you can choose a cushion and pillow filling that will provide your body with the amount of support and comfort you require.

Comfort and Functionality

The two most important considerations for arranging furniture are the comfortableness and functionality of the pieces and how they occupy the space. There must be a certain flow to the room that is visceral. People should be able to walk in and know precisely what to do, whether it is grabbing the remote, sitting down for a chat, getting down to business and finishing that 30-page paper, or finishing up the last few tasks that didn’t get done at work.

No one wants to crane their neck to see the TV or watch it with a glare. Just like no one who plans on spending an evening with old friends, drinking wine and getting nostalgic wants to be seated facing nothing but a flat-screen TV. The arrangement of living room furniture should be intuitive. Rather than saying, “Let’s hang out here,” people should just start hanging out there because it makes sense, because the atmosphere encourages it.

Don’t Know Where to Begin?

If you are having trouble deciding how best to arrange your living room furniture, or any other room for that matter, we are happy to help. Our consultation service can assist you in the decision making process. While Viesso is not an interior design firm, we are experts about the furniture we sell, and that, coupled with the expertise and experience of the interior designers we partner with, guarantees that we can help you make the right decisions for you and your space, whether it is what pieces of furniture to use or how to arrange them.

If you are in the Los Angeles area, we can visit your home or office to help you choose which of our products would be best suited to your living room space and which arrangement would provide you with the most functional and comfortable set up that reflects how you choose to live in your space.

If you are not near LA, we can still help. Send us pictures of your living room, what purpose you want it to serve, some examples of products that you like and anything else you may like or be unsure about and we’ll help you through the decision making process so that you can take advantage of your space, making sure it’s comfortable, functional and perfectly suited to your needs.

To let us know that you need a helping hand, please email the above information. For more information about this consultation service, or for any other questions you may have, please don’t hesitate to call us at 877.8.VIESSO.

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