Top 5 Benefits of Extending Wooden Dining Tables

A dining table and dining chairs set is an essential cornerstone to any contemporary dining room. It is often the only place where the entire household is together for family dinners, and it can double up as a makeshift base for home working.

The size of the dining table is often dictated by the needs of the household and spatial capacity. Smaller families generally opt for smaller dining tables, whereas households with larger broods will need the extra dining space to cater to everyone.

But what if you are a small family that just loves to entertain regularly?

This is where an extending wooden dining table comes into play. Hundreds of households have turned to one of these versatile pieces of furniture to handle their practical needs, and with a wide array of chic dining table designs to choose from, they've maintained the aesthetic appeal and theme of their dining room areas.

Here we will take a look at exactly what an extendable dining table is, its features and functions, and the benefits of having one.

What is an Extendable Dining Table?

An extendable dining table is one that can be pulled out from either end and reconfigured to seat additional guests. Extensions, otherwise known as leaves, are usually hidden within the table structure itself and can be maneuvered into place to create extra space. These leaves are generally made of solid and manufactured wood to match the material of the existing table.

There are three types of extension leaves available:

Butterfly leaf - these types of leaves are usually built into the middle of the extension dining table. When the table is pulled apart, they are slotted into place to match the existing shape and design. An extendable table with these types of leaves will have built-in storage space.

Drop leaf - these leaves are generally found at either end of an extendable dining table as flaps that tuck away beneath the structure as self-storing leaves. A drop leaf dining table is usually smaller. However, some extendable tables have leaves on all four sides, so a round table can present a rectangular silhouette when all are extended.

Removable leaf - primarily associated with larger extendable dining tables, these extensions can be removed from the table structure altogether and stored separately. Most examples of this type of dining table are made of solid hardwood and can comfortably seat up to ten people.

No matter which leaf you choose for your extendable dining table, its shape will be altered when implementing extensions, so this needs to be taken into account when making your decision. A square dining table, for example, will become a rectangular dining table capable of seating up to six people.

The Benefits of Extended Wooden Dining Tables

Now that you know exactly what extension dining tables are let's look at some of the main benefits and advantages of choosing such a table over one without these capabilities.

They save space

If you have a small dining room or dining space, the chances are that you will not want a large table to be blocking your way most of the time. If there are only a couple of people in the house on most occasions, a small dining table will suffice and can allow you to use the space more productively.

Some expandable dining room tables are designed to go a step further with space-saving functionality. Many can be folded up in the middle to be tucked away in the corner until they are needed.

They are highly versatile

The expandable dining table is multi-purpose. If you are home alone using the dining room as a workspace or if you require an intimate space with a loved one during a romantic meal, the dining table as it is will fulfill the requirements.

However, should you require additional dining chairs and the solid wood seating capacity for a couple of friends to watch the football game or need to comfortably accommodate everyone during a whole family get-together, an extendable dining table is what you will need. Most designs come in various sizes, such as our Slice Oak extendable dining table.

Aesthetic appeal and variety

Extending dining tables not only come in a range of shapes and sizes but materials as well. Many examples are made from solid wood, but it is possible to select tables made from glass and metal as well.

When it comes to a solid wood table, many designs will also offer additional shades and natural wood grain to allow for far more scope for your perfect aesthetic. Our Annex extendable dining table comes in both white oak wood and darker walnut wood, so you will always be able to find the ideal piece to complement your dining room space fully.

They are durable

Your dining room table, especially one that serves a busy household, is likely to see heavy daily use, so it needs to be built to last. Fortunately, extendable dining room tables are up there with the most durable.

Despite these dining tables having the capability of changing shape and capacity, their designs are often deceptively simple, with the sliding mechanisms built to precision to allow for a straightforward process. This means that manufacturers can concentrate on making the table as robust as possible.

Many tables are made from the highest quality manufactured and solid wood, with each extendable leaf made from the same material. Dining chairs are often made to match the dining table and will come with the same level of reliability. Our Ethnicraft double extending dining table is made from solid oak, guaranteeing its longevity.

They hold their value

Extendable dining room tables are built to last, and you will have little need to look into buying another one if you treat them with respect.

However, if you need to sell your dining table for an alternative, you will often find that you can set a price not too dissimilar from the one you made the purchase at. The dining table features, such as the sturdy materials and wood finishes, will always be highly regarded and should always fetch a reasonable price.


An extendable dining table is something no modern dining space should be without. Its versatility allows it to be used in many situations, and its solid oak builds are designed to last.

Here at Viesso, you will find a wide range of dining room table options for you to choose from and high-quality options for all your other furniture needs. We are committed to providing our customers with eco-friendly, sustainable furniture designed to suit all needs, and the brands we work with all adhere to those core values.

We also offer free shipping on many of our most in-demand pieces!

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