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Top Eco Friendly Furniture Companies

Hello avid readers, and welcome once again to our ongoing articles on all things Viesso. By now you’re well aware that our mission is to offer the best contemporary furniture in the marketplace today, whether for your home or office.

Healthy Environments Indoors and Out

This time around we want to talk about our commitment to creating healthy indoor environments while paying attention to the reduction of our carbon footprint. Producing sustainable options that include no toxic byproducts has been on our mission list since we opened, and we continue to advance with our Green thinking by offering brands that are free of chemical pollutants and other aspects of manufacture that are rapidly being eclipsed by new methods.

Our Holistic Approach

In service to a holistic approach, we want to introduce you to a few of the companies that we have on board who are also dedicated to the ethic of conscious harvesting, construction, production, and manufacture. So please read on to discover how you can make an exceptionally stylish home or office with beautifully crafted pieces from companies that care about our planet:

Eco-Smart Fire

We bet you don’t usually think about fireplaces being eco-friendly. You might not even think of them at all, especially if you don’t have one. Eco-Smart Fire is a great company that creates gorgeous, portable, eco-friendly fireplaces that produce no harmful emissions by using clean-burning domestic ethanol as their fuel source.

Using high quality materials, this company creates some of the most stylish examples of the traditional fireplace gone totally modern. Any choice from their product line makes a great alternative to a built-in hearth, creating a warm, cozy, romantic, inviting atmosphere in any room.

The Igloo Fireplace is an exquisite example of a fireplace as work-of-art. Minimalist and chic, it is made with glass panes fabricated from low iron-toughened Starfire glass, a metal base, and a bio ethanol burner created from grade 305 rust resistant stainless steel.

The Citi Fireplace is a sleek model that fits into small spaces, making it perfect for that little pied-a-tierre you’ve nestled into. Freestanding, you can tuck it into your living room corner, and then move it into the bedroom when the mood strikes. In white or black gloss, it’s an absolute statement piece that is also dedicated to service and function.

The Firebox is rectangular and made to be wall-mounted or placed in an existing closed-off fireplace. It is constructed with front or back fitting, with or without an exposed flange and comes in a range of sizes to suit your need. Put it inside a piece of cabinetry, or elsewhere and you’ve got the real deal, with no ventilation necessary.

The Lantern Outdoor Fireplace is an indoor or outdoor piece that is made with a cutout shell that lets the light shine through in beautiful patterns. Fueled by denatured ethanol, it is as renewable and environmentally friendly as it is unique.


Standing for Organic Mattresses, Inc., this company is just what it says it is, and more. Using all natural materials, the company wants you to have a healthy sleep on 100% organic, quality mattresses and bedding. Produced in the only large scale 100% organic factory in the United States, you can get all that you need for creating a pristine bedroom.

Just take a gander at this list:

• Pillow covers
• Eco wool moisture pads
• Under bed pads
• Shredded natural latex pillows that are wool wrapped
• 100% natural latex crib mattresses
• Organic cotton flannel mattress pads
• Eco wool duvets
• Natural mattress foundations
• Wool mattress tops with varying thicknesses
• Natural latex mattresses


Area is a NY based company founded by Anki Spets in 1990. Catering to bedding and home accessories, it carries the Scandinavian tradition of exceptional design requirements that include natural fibers, comfort, and classic styles. Using natural and organic materials like cotton and linen, every original piece can be counted on for its great craftsmanship. The line comes in a range of color combinations with the idea that each
piece compliments the other in service to helping you create an all-encompassing collection. Here’s what you will find from Area in our online catalogue:

• Pillow shams
• Pillowcases
• Pillows
• Fitted and flat sheets
• Duvet covers
• Blankets
• Throws
• Travel sets

Additionally, the company offers its Bruno line of benches, coffee tables, nightstands, and beds. Made from solid walnut or American white oak with an oil finish or solid ash with a water-based wash finished, this stunning series includes die-cast aluminum legs and support. Sleek and sophisticated, the Bruno line is a great set that makes sense in any environment.


Well, here we are, finally, with our own line. Surely most of you are already familiar with our line of sofas, sectionals, chairs, ottomans, beds, headboards, tables, and more, all created with a hand and eye to sustainability.

Designed and built in Los Angeles, California, our exclusive pieces are the creations of our innovative designers who are constantly seeking more expanded methods to create the eco-friendly furniture we are known for. Some of the elements that go into the construction of our Extreme Green pieces include:

• Locally sourced hardwood frames
• Natural jute webbing
• Wool decks
• Natural and/or recycled fabrics
• 100% natural latex arms, back, frame, and cushion filling
• No fire retardants

At Viesso, we let you customize the pieces you want so they fit in with your design scheme and needs. Everything from extra storage space to size, components, fabrics, colors, and other details can be tailored to your desire, and if you need advice, our design staff is there to help you, especially when it comes to determining the most eco-friendly way to go.

Reducing waste by building each piece of furniture once it is ordered and paid for and not before allows us to keep our stock to a minimum. This means that nothing sits around uselessly, which is another way we show our passion for the environment and conserve materials.

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For more information on the top eco-friendly furniture companies in our catalogue, please contact us today using our convenient online form or by phone at (877) 8.VIESSO.

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