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Trendy Furniture for Interior Designers

Interior designers that want to stay on the cutting edge must keep abreast of furniture trends for every room of the house. Viesso makes it easy for designers to help their clients select high end, fashion forward pieces for their home or office spaces with offerings for every room and every style.


Headboards - Extra-tall and distinctly sleek headboards are all the rage in today's most discerning consumer markets. Visseo offers either bamboo or upholstered headboards in a variety of sizes.

Mattresses - Eco-friendly products are increasingly popular, and Viesso offers select latex mattresses that are made from all natural materials, crafted by Organic Mattresses, Inc.

Beds - Platform beds are trendy right now, and Visseo has multiple style options to consider in various sizes. The Frame Lo design is set low to the ground on metal inset legs, which do not show when coupled with an appropriately sized duvet or comforter. The Ludlow bed boasts a five-foot tall, tufted headboard and a leather and wood boxy bottom that is both modern and imposing. The Buden design is made from solid bamboo, and it offers optional geometric cutouts in the platform base for storage.

Nightstands - The Bruno nightstand is a solid walnut or white oak rectangle set atop die cast aluminum legs. Viesso also offers designers an option known as the Gio, which is a squat box comprised of solid coffee bamboo with a corner shelf cut out of the box's interior.

Storage - The Brix modular storage system is about as trendy as it gets, with stacking modern drawers that can be set up in myriad configurations. The About Face storage unit is a cutting edge design that swivels on a base to face possessions toward the wall, while at the same time bringing into view a full-length mirror. This allows designers to get the best usage out of compact modern spaces.

Living Room

Sofas - Modern sofa beds are trending right now, and Viesso offers a Zeal Deluxe sofa sleeper that maximizes space without sacrificing style. The arms of the sofa fold down to create a twin bed, and the backrest pillow can be transformed into a head pillow in seconds. The Splitback Deluxe sofa bed is as sleek and modern as it get, not to mention incredibly easy to transform into a bed. The tufted leather sofa simply needs to be pushed down like a futon to provide a chic and comfortable bed for your clients or their guests.

Coffee Tables - Nothing sets the tone for a living room more than the coffee table at its center. Designers can rely on Viesso to find trendy tables that are as tasteful as they are daring. The Jasper Cube is officially an ottoman, though it can also be used as an end table. This straightforward square is upholstered using exposed French seams to create a classic piece with added character. Grid tables are terrific design pieces for the modern living room, as they offer three differently sized round table tops with a simple wire base. The tables can be grouped together as a single coffee table, or dispersed throughout the living room for a staggered effect.

Fireplaces - No modern home is complete without a trendy take on the classic fireplace. The Zeta fireplace offers a sleek elliptical shape, and an eco-friendly flame that requires zero ventilation. The minimalistic design of the cube-shaped Fusion fireplace is both portable and able to bring forth flames using renewal fuel resources.

Dining Room

Dining Tables - The Sadie dining table is a chunky, trendy rectangular bamboo top set on offset beam legs that make an immediate and bold impression. Designers who favor geometric dining tables will appreciate Viesso's Sullivan dining table, which is a completely hardwood oval set upon a matching cylindrical base.

Stools - Bar and counter stools are essential for dressing up any sleek modern interior. The Dublin Piston barstool is a swivel concept designed by sohoConcept studio that adjusts to desired heights using a gas piston mechanism. The seat itself is a minimalist expression, with only a slight upward curve as its backrest.

Sideboards - As one of the largest pieces in any dining room space, an interior designer must select a sideboard that complement the dining table as well as the over aesthetic of the space. The Wooster sideboard accomplishes a complimentary look in virtually any dining room thanks to its reflective glass front, which can be opened downward to reveal plenty of storage space for dishes or linens.


Loungers - The Lauser lounger boasts a geometric solid wood base, with an adjustable headrest and quick dry foam padding for a speedy recovery from pool splashes and sudden downpours. Icon Honeymoon Cabana lounger a canopied dual-seat lounger attached to a stainless steel base.

Planters - Interior designers get a chance to show off when they are called upon to appoint exteriors. The Mazzamiz planter Tapered teak planks framed with powder coated aluminum is both fun and funky, playful and chic. The more understated Kubus planter boasts a minimalist design of evenly spaced slats of reclaimed teak set on four stainless steel legs.


Desks - The striking Reference Desk from Viesso has a built in trough at the back, which can be used as a bookshelf. The York desk is minimalism at its best, with a simple rectangular tabletop with two drawers atop stainless steel sleigh legs. The Calvin desk is similar to the York, except the tabletop is a slender tempered glass or wooden rectangle with no drawers.

Desk Chairs - The Crescent office chair offers a crescent shaped seat atop a five-wheeled gas piston base that can both swivel and adjust to desired height. The Ethel chair is the polar opposite of the Crescent, in that it is a simple wire cradle design with no wheels, but plenty of style.

Lounge Seating - Whether creating a professional waiting room or creating a comfortable space for clients to relax, interior designers can turn to Viesso's modern designs to keep current with hot trends. The Bamboo Float armless chair pairs an upholstered armless top with a solid bamboo base. This chair can stand-alone or be placed next to other Bamboo Floats to create a sectional couch look.

Extra Accessories

Accent Chairs - A perfect match for any modern space, Viesso offers chic new accent chairs in a variety of styles. The Bunny lounge chair is low slung, with an upward curve designed to cradle the seated body. Optional thin quilted seat cushions are available if you require extra posterior padding on this metal wire chair. The Rebecca chair was also designed by the trendy sohoConcept studio, and its compact and modern frame couples a wire base with a geometric cushion seat. Specialty upholstery fabrics are available upon request.

Mirrors - The lean mirror is popular in offices and homes alike, giving designers a versatile accent piece to spice up any space. In addition, the Malta mirror, designed by Tayfur Ozkaynak, boasts a thick oak veneer frame that achieves a sleek, yet bold, modern look.

These exquisitely trendy furniture items will take any home or office to the next level of modern style and sophistication. Viesso prides itself on providing stellar fashion pieces for every room of the house, keeping interior designers and their clients on the cutting edge of modern interiors. Let us help you make the most of your client’s space and be your one stop for your furniture needs. Visit today.

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