Typographic Furniture is A Creative Approach to Decorating a Home

Our homes reflect our thoughts, feelings, and behavior. When we put our minds to how we furnish our space, we begin to share our expression through the type of furniture and accessories we choose, as well as how it is all placed within a room.

Affecting Our Mood

Additionally, architecture and furniture design can distinctly affect our mood. One only has to look at a traditional Japanese home to understand how its design creates the sense of meditative peace so inherent in the Buddhist and Zen traditions. The Chinese practice of Feng Shui is based on placement of furniture within a given space and how this determines and encourages a sense of balance and harmony.

Making the Right Selection

At Viesso, we are extremely sensitive to what furniture represents. As a furniture design company that includes many other exceptional creative companies in our inventory, we are deeply aware of how essential it is to make the right selection when it comes to feeling truly comfortable in one’s home or office. And this is not only in reference to style, but also to the construction and manufacture of a given piece and how it impacts our world through the use of sustainable materials, and its ability to be recycled.

The Advantages of Good Design1

A good design can promote many sensations. An innovative desk can stimulate creativity, a well formed bed or sofa can help you relax, the placement of your living room furniture can stimulate interaction, or encourage intimacy. Whatever feeling you wish to put forth and whatever purpose you consider is important in each space, you can achieve through design, placement, color, and lighting.

The Strength of Statement Pieces

And then there are statement pieces. These are individual pieces of furniture that truly reveal your personality and character. More and more contemporary homes are made unique by mixing modern pieces with other styles, be they vintage, antique, quirky, or anything else that strikes a particular fancy. In this way our décor becomes as many-faceted and interesting as we are as people.

The Innovative Birth of a New Form

One of the most interesting new design trends is the advent of typographic furniture. Developed by design students in Dusseldorf, Germany who applied the concept of lettering to the creation of furniture, an innovative birth of a new form has come into the world of decorating.

Interesting, Playful, Functional Furniture

Taking three-dimensional forms using each letter of alphabet, designers are now experimenting with typography to make interesting, playful, and functional furniture that adds a strikingly new look to any space. Mix a piece up with something traditional to create a delightful addition to a perhaps otherwise predictable room.

The Meaning of Typography

Typography comes from the Greek words meaning “form” and “writing.” Wikipedia explains very clearly that we use the word to describe the technique and art of arranging type in order to make language visible, without which who knows where communication would be?

Seals, Texts, and the Pen

A primitive use of typography was what was employed to make seals in ancient times. Then followed ancient texts in cuneiform, as we see in antiquated tomes coming from Egypt, Greece, and Rome. As communication evolved, the pen in hand became the way to convey messages and expressions of the heart and mind.

And Now… the Font

Where we once had handwriting to display our emotion to others, today we rely on fonts. Our digital age typesetters, graphic designers, art directors, plastic artists, and graffiti artists all have their own preferences depending on the message they wish to convey and we can see a constant expansion of font choices as developers come up with new ideas.

Growing Inspirations that Impact Message and Brand

When we speak about typeface, we’re actually talking about the size of a particular letter, the length of the line, the spaces in between each letter, and much more. Contemporary fonts include those that have stood up through time like Times Roman and Ariel, but we also have continually growing inspirations from a wide range of influences that help to impact message and brand.

Using Typeface to Make Your Point

From spare and tranquil to vibrant and punchy, typography can be as visually satisfying as the message it carries. Whether it is to express a seriousness, sense of comic fun, feeling of drama, or a deep classic approach depending, choosing the right typeface for what you want to say has become more powerful than ever before.

Saying What You Want With Furniture

And now you can actually say what you want through your furniture, with lounge chairs that spell out a message, chests that look like vintage printing blocks, punctuation shaped lamps, scrabble pillows, and much more. Imagine for a moment, how a lowercase G can make a bench, or how a T can become a table or a J a perfect hook. Taking letters beyond their obvious function has now become an art form, as many contemporary furniture designers are playing with all of the possibilities.

Creating a Vital Space

With the use of laser cutters currently employed in furniture design, it has become much easier to produce typographic furniture. Craftspeople are making one-of-a-kind and special order pieces that spell out personalized messages from clients wanting to make a specific statement. All in the spirit of creating a more vital space in your home or office, Viesso applauds the trend, as we love to celebrate whatever is new and exciting in the marketplace.

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