Top 5 Reasons You Need U-Shaped Sectionals

If you are looking for a living room seating arrangement that offers you many options and plenty of room for your guests, you should consider purchasing a U-shaped sectional. These days, U-shaped sectionals are affordable and offer top-class luxury as well as comfort. Here are the top 5 reasons why you need a U-shaped sectional in your home.

It’s a Practical Choice

Not only is buying a sectional an affordable choice, it is also very practical. If you have friends or family that come over often, it can really make your living room look quite disorganized if you are constantly having to bring furniture and seats from other rooms to accommodate your guests. Furthermore, chairs and random seats serve a singular function – they offer a place to sit. U-shaped sectionals, on the other hand, offer a place to sit, entertain and eat right your living room. In addition, they also look neater and also can provide sleeping accommodations in an emergency.

U-Shaped Sectionals Are a Versatile Choice

U-shaped sectionals are made of smaller, individual modules. They are not very heavy and are easy to move. This means that you can create pretty much create any seating arrangement that you can think of! Move a couple of pieces to another room or create new furniture layouts to revamp your space. Sectional modules offer high versatility and are are quite flexible.

Sectionals Are Easy to Clean

The process of cleaning a sectional sofa is very simple. Leather or microfiber upholstered sectionals can be cleaned with just a basic wipe down using lukewarm water. For leather sofas, you can also do a general reconditioning with leather re-conditioner sprays that are readily available. Tight back sofas have no detachable pieces to clean so all you will need to do is to remove, clean, fluff, and reattach loose pillow backs.

U-shaped sectionals that are upholstered with fabrics will require spot cleaning in order to address any stains. Optional slipcovers can be purchased for any section in order to protect the surfaces from stains and wear.

It’s Great for the Family!

Since these sectionals are designed in a U-shape, it is very easy for people to communicate since they will be facing each other even while seated. It makes having evening gatherings and movie nights with the family a lot of fun. Sectional modules sit low to the floor which means that children will have no problems climbing into a seat. These low sofas also allow you to play board games on the floor while ensuring that you have adequate support for your back.

U-Shaped Sectionals Offer Plenty of Options

With most sofas sets, options are limited and are generally reduced to just a few colors and fabrics. This is not the case with U-shaped couches.

Style: You can choose contemporary, modern, traditional, country, and even coastal styles depending on the rest of the living room décor.

Design: Sectionals also offer options when it comes to design. Choose from stationary or fixed, modular sectionals (made of 3 or 5 pieces), reclining sectionals that are perfect for media and family rooms, and sofa/chaise sectionals which have an attached ottoman.

Upholstery: While leather and microfiber are popular and common options for sofa upholstery, sectionals also offer upholstery made of materials like polyester, faux leather and natural fabrics, to name a few.

Patterns: Solid patterns are the most commonly chosen option, however, Viesso offers a wide array of floral patterns, striped and plaid upholstery fabrics for you to choose from.

Back Style: Whether you want a plush cushioned back, a tight back or a pillow back with detachable pillows, you can choose one that meets your comfort and style requirements. Some sectionals also offer the more ornate and decorative camel back style.

Other options include Viesso's custom made eco-friendly sectionals [insert link to eco-friendly sectionals], hundreds of colors, arm styles, storage feature. The durability, function, and appearance of your new sectional completely depends on your choices.

You will be bringing home a sofa that meets your style and design needs, and is affordable, practical, versatile, family-friendly, and easy to clean – what more can you ask for? If you need any help with finding the right sectional to fit your décor, contact us or just leave a comment for assistance. And checkout our amazing collection of U shaped and custom sectionals:


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