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Unique Modern Commercial Office Furniture

The modern office tells the visitor a story. It doesn’t matter if the individual is waiting in the lobby area next to the registration desk or in a private meeting in a closed office with a member of the staff. The furniture and décor that is selected for a particular area always makes the first impression about the company, the individuals that work there, the owner and the group as a whole.

This is just one reason that the selection of furniture and décor throughout a space is so important. Long gone are the days of boxy registration desks with chipped corners and plain uncomfortable and uninviting waiting room chairs that unfortunately still appear in the lobby of many locations across the globe. If this describes your furniture and decor then it’s definitely time for a makeover and Viesso is here to help.

Modern Furniture and Visual Appeal

Modern furniture design has come a long way in the past few years. It can be personalized to fit any specific need or want, with the opportunity to craft a custom piece giving you unbridled creative opportunities to play with. On occasion a company will require pieces of furniture that will perform specific functions unique to their needs. At the same time, those special pieces need to blend in harmoniously with the rest of the décor and furniture. There are fewer things that can interrupt the visual flow than something in an area that just looks out of place. This has been a problem for many companies in the past. The function fits perfectly but the appearance just doesn’t keep the visual flow going so it makes the office visually uninviting and uncomfortable.

What to Look for in Office Furniture

When choosing modern office furniture for any office what should you take into consideration?

• Finding the right style for the company’s image and price range then building around that style with pieces that complement each other whether they are stock or custom made.
• Decide ahead of time what function each piece will have to serve anywhere it is placed in the office space.
• Choose a company like Viesso, that can manufacturer furniture from green, recycled materials and offers personalized service from start to finish. With the rise in environmental consciousness, a company could retain and gain loyal customers who are impressed with the company’s effort to preserve the planet’s resources.
• Look at companies that manufacturer their modern furniture within the United States,. This offers a better quality piece than one that is shipped in from overseas. It helps to sustain the US economy and is another attractive element for buyers to consider.

New modern office furniture that is made from recycled or green materials does not limit the choice during construction. There can be a misconception that something made from recycled materials will look like it is made from recycled materials. That is simply not accurate. The elements of recycled furniture have been carefully put together and can sit side by side with another piece that is made from all new materials and no one would know the difference.

Using Green and Recycled Materials

Some of the materials that a company can easily obtain for furniture construction as certified green or recycled and put into modern hotel furniture are:

• Stains and sealants that do not contain harmful chemicals that will pollute the environment.
• Glue that is water based so it releases less toxins into the air and is less flammable.
• Down and feather fillings that would go to waste are collected from animals that are being used for food instead of animals that are used for their feathers only.
• Bamboo is an excellent, environmentally friendly product because of its ability to re-grow after being harvested. Unlike trees, bamboo grows at a faster rate. It is suitable for furniture and is included in many of the green products on the market today.
• FSC Certified Maple and other woods are grown and harvested in such a way that it doesn’t cause any negative impact on the environment.

All of these materials and more can be used to design and build some of the most visually appealing and comfortable modern furniture for use in offices today while at the same time help to preserve and improve the environment.

Availability of Custom Design

When buying furniture, people usually have a general idea in their mind of what the space should look like once it is finished. Unfortunately the furniture pictured in the mind doesn’t always exist in real life. This is one of the benefits of a company that does custom design. Once it is drawn on paper, those custom pieces of furniture can be built to create the perfect space.

Custom design can also be as simple as the color, fabric and options on a piece of modern furniture. Placing two couches that are exactly alike in design across from each other will create a comfortable space for guests to sit and talk. Place those same two couches across from one another in different but complimentary colors or pattern with small touches such as different legs, and it could be an unconscious incentive in the environment that sparks the conversation in that comfortable sitting area.

Where Can I Buy It?

Viesso is an American company that sells American made custom designed furniture for businesses, hotels, and private homes. Everything in their line of furniture is manufactured in Los Angeles, California and is available for order and purchase online or in their LA showroom.

The online ordering process is simple. Pick a basic design of the piece of furniture that you are looking for then add or remove the different options that are available for it. This is what makes their furniture unique and desirable. It isn’t just furniture, it’s a reflection of your individuality and mission statement.

If there is something in mind that isn’t on the website or on the showroom floor, Viesso can be contacted by phone or email with the design idea and it can be custom built to specific specifications and needs. Call today to get started on crafting your perfect space!