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Update Your Home with Modern Kitchen Pendant Lighting

Modern pendant lighting is one of the most exciting lighting solutions for a kitchen because it can fully light a kitchen and provide various other benefits involved in kitchen style, design, and energy efficiency.

Without excellent lighting for your kitchen island, you increase the chance of injuries and accidents; they also make cooking a far more pleasurable experience.

Continue our guide to fully understand why pendant lighting is the best option for your kitchen.

What Are Kitchen Pendant Lights and How Can They Benefit a Kitchen?

Modern pendant light products are an excellent and contemporary way to light a home. They are pendant lamps suspended from your ceiling with a chain or cord (similar to chandeliers).

You can get multiple styles and sizes (more on this below) and often customize them to fit your kitchen needs.

There are also multiple benefits of hanging pendant lights. The main one is providing excellent lighting quality, making your kitchen more aesthetically pleasing and safer.

Here are some other benefits of modern pendant lamps. 

They Can Enhance the Layout of Your Kitchen

Pendant lights are not only for one type of kitchen; they can enhance the layout of many kitchen types.

For example, if you have an open-concept kitchen with a kitchen island, you can use pendants to highlight specific kitchen areas, making the layout more exciting. Our Volo pendants are a great example of a pendant that can do this.

They Can be the Main Focus of Your Kitchen

Although some kitchen lights are there simply to light the kitchen, pendant lights can go a step further than this by becoming the centerpiece of the kitchen.

They can do this because of their larger sizes and distinct design; they prove that lights don’t just need to be functional.

They Can Compliment Different Kitchen Themes

One of the best things about our pendant lighting selection is that there are many different styles, sizes, and materials, meaning they can suit many kitchen themes.

Some examples of themes you can install pendants in include: 

  • Modern designs with subdued colors and features. 
  • Farmhouse-like kitchens with more classic furniture and warmer colors. The copper version of our Orient Pendant is an excellent option for this style.
  • Coastal-style kitchens with light and unobtrusive colors.

They Can be an Energy-Efficient Lighting Solution

Although the energy-efficient level of pendants for kitchen islands depends on the lighting type, LED lights are energy-efficient, and you can get many of them in pendant form.

LED pendants can save you on energy bills because they use less energy than incandescent lighting. They can also reduce light pollution and help to decrease your carbon footprint.

How Do You Choose the Right Pendant Lighting for a Kitchen Island?

Now you understand the benefits that pendants for a kitchen island can get you, you may want to purchase one straight away. 

However, before you do that, there are some considerations you must make.

Consider the Size of the Kitchen Island Pendant Lighting

If you get too small island pendant lights, they may not effectively light the space. Conversely, lights that are too large may be distracting and obstructive.

Therefore, you must measure the ceiling space, the cabinets, and the kitchen island to ensure you get the right light size.

Look at Different Pendant Light Styles and Designs

The style of your kitchen will narrow down your choices for pendant lights for a kitchen island.

For example, if your kitchen has a modern style with subdued colors, you want to hang a pendant with a similar color scheme and style. The smooth slate gloss version of the Kaiser Idell Pendant Light is a great example that fits this style.

It’s worth looking at multiple pendant types because they can fit numerous kitchen styles.

Think About the Materials for the Lights

Similar to matching your kitchen style, you should match the pendant materials to your kitchen’s dominant material.

For example, if your kitchen island primarily consists of wood, you should look for a wooden or wood-style pendant. Our Cano Pendants are an excellent example of this.

Consider Your Lighting Budget

Finally, you must consider how much you’re willing to spend on pendant lighting. The options on Viesso can range from a few hundred dollars to above $ 1,000, so you need to decide how much you want to spend. 

You should also consider the savings you will gain from using energy-efficient options like LED lights. You should calculate the energy bill savings from LED lights and decide if the higher product price is worth it on our online shop.

How Do You Install Pendant Lights for a Kitchen Island?

You must ensure correct installation for pendant lighting over a kitchen island or any part of your kitchen. Proper installation is essential because it can prevent accidents (the lights could fall if installed incorrectly) and make them last longer.

For installation over any part of the kitchen (a kitchen island, for example), you need to ensure that the distance from the island to the light is correct, as well as the distance between lights. Proper spacing maximizes the visual impact of the lights and prevents your kitchen from looking overcrowded.

Should You Install Pendant Lights Yourself?

While installing pendant lights over a kitchen island (or another part of your kitchen) can be cheaper at first, you can incur many expenses if you install it incorrectly, such as damage costs and maintenance.

For these reasons, we recommend a professional pendant installer to ensure your lights are precisely where you want them and safe to use.

Remember that even when installed correctly, you must maintain pendant lights by cleaning them with warm water and soap. You must also dust them regularly and maintain safety using a step ladder.

Final Thoughts on Why You Should Update Your Kitchen Lighting with Modern Pendants

In summary, modern lighting in your kitchen can present a variety of benefits, and you have numerous styles, sizes, and materials to choose from.

We recommend taking this step to improve the aesthetics of your kitchen, the energy efficiency of your lights, and more.

If you want to start looking into excellent pendant light products or arrange a delivery or installation, contact us on Viesso. 

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