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Upgrade Your Entryway With a Storage Entryway Bench

An entryway bench or console can be used in a variety of ways within your space. Whether you're decorating a residential space or an office space, these benches can be used for storage, decoration, or a combination of the two.

This post is going to help you get to know the kind of bench pieces you can find, how to use them in your entryway, and some items we love in our store.

What is a Storage Entryway Bench?

A storage entryway bench is a piece of furniture that can be used for storage as well as decoration. Most entryway benches have cupboards, shelves, and surfaces to store things like shoes and other general paraphernalia, like your keys!

In some cases, the storage bench can be used as a form of seating, too, for an easy place to remove your shoes.

The difference between storage benches and simple shelves or consoles is that a storage bench will include a cupboard or drawer set so that you can keep things in it. They are often used to reduce clutter in the space, which can be helpful so that you don't trip over things on your way into your home.

How to Use an Entryway Shoe Bench in Your Space

So, how can you use an entryway bench? There are actually a few ways to do so, which we’ve looked at below.

#1 For Storage

An entryway bench can be used for storage, which is really useful in a small entryway space. You can put shoes, umbrellas, and other outdoor items inside the bench to keep your entryway uncluttered and clear. This is usually a great option in family homes when shoes may pile up in the space otherwise.

A style like our Corridor Media Console is a great option to keep your shoes and other outdoor items away, all the while adding a sleek and contemporary piece of furniture to your space. You can grab this piece in black, as well as two brown tones, so it will fit into a few different color schemes.

#2 For Seating

While entryway benches are often used for storage, they can also be used for seating. If you're living with children or older relatives, then having somewhere to sit to remove or put on shoes could be a thoughtful addition to your home.

Our Inna Bench is a sleek and modern bench that can be used to store shoes underneath while providing a comfortable place to sit. The Inna Bench comes in black and white, as well as other colors, including light pink and copper. This means that whether the color scheme in your home is bright and light or clean and monotone, the Inna Bench will work.

#3 For Organization

Another option for an entryway bench is to use it for organization. This might work best in homes where there is another space for items like shoes and umbrellas, but is an excellent idea if you've got books and ornaments you want to display in your entryway.

Our Geometric Console is an excellent choice of furniture if you want to organize your entryway while keeping it stylish and contemporary. The Geometric Console has lots of shelf space and an interesting design that will ensure people take notice. It comes in a darker brown color.

#4 As a Decorative Feature

A console table is a great accent table in your entryway. Accent tables often create a focal point in a room, so choosing something striking can create a point in your space.

Our Interval Media Console is an excellent choice if you're looking for something a bit different. With its geometric design, it will surely stand out when used as an entryway bench.

Storage Benches for Entryway Spaces That We Love

Below, we've collated our favorite picks for entryway benches that should give you some inspiration when looking for items for your own home.

#1 Janek Media Unit

If you want something that puts storage at the forefront of its design, then our Janek Media Unit is a brilliant choice for your entryway. With its bold design and wood brown color, it makes a great addition to a rustic or homey space.

It also comes in black wood if you'd prefer, so can also slip easily into a contemporary and sleek space too.

#2 Mimico Storage Ottoman

The Mimico Storage Ottoman is a novel design that combines a seating area with functional storage space. Perfect for family homes or minimalist spaces, the in-bench storage means you can keep your entryway decluttered when you choose this bench.

#3 Tanami Console

The Tanami Console is perfect for those looking for an accent table in their entryway. With its sleek and interesting design, it offers storage space and a focal point in your room. It comes in white and black, too, so it can fit into light and airy spaces along with industrial designs.

#4 Arlo Bench

The Arlo Bench is a minimal, cushioned bench that would work in a range of entryways. With space underneath for shoe storage, it offers the perfect place for family members to put on their shoes in your hallway. It comes with a wooden frame and either a light gray cushion or a black cushion.

#5 James De Wulf Game Console Table

The James De Wulf Game Console Table is not necessarily an entryway bench but could work in this space anyway. As a low cabinet, it is a good height to be used as a bench, and with a cushion added, could work in your space. It's got built-in cabinets, too, so you have extra space for shoes and other items. It comes in both light and dark gray colors.

#6 Tao Bench

The Tao Bench is a simple slatted design that would work in minimalist spaces. With its natural brown wood seat and black frame, the color scheme is neutral and could work with other colors easily. As with other minimal benches, there is room beneath it for storage, but it doesn't have any built-in storage itself.

Conclusion: The Modern Entryway Bench

The modern entryway bench works in a variety of ways. It can be used for storage and organization, but it might also be a decorative piece. In this article, we've looked at some of the best uses of these pieces of furniture so that you can find a piece that works for your entryway.

With so many uses, this kind of furniture really can upgrade your entryway. Check out our full range of entryway benches for more.

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