Using Bamboo For Custom Furniture

In the last two decades, environmental concerns have grown and many people and businesses are focused on finding new, sustainable ways to live and do business. From organic food products to building materials, lighting sources, and cars, society has begun a movement focused on alternative, sustainable, eco-friendly solutions that protect our natural resources, our planet, and ourselves.

Deforestation has long been a cause for concern. It destroys the habitats of millions of different species, drives climate change, and causes erosion of the soil, among many other negative consequences. There are human and natural factors that cause deforestation, including forest fires, agricultural requirements, and logging, which is illegal in many areas. Yet many do it anyway for a variety of reasons. The need for a sustainable future is on us, so how are we keeping up?

Creating Sustainable Furniture

Viesso is one of many progressive companies focused on bettering business practices and the future. We are constantly seeking new, sustainable materials with which to craft our furniture. Much of the wood we use comes from locally sourced, SFI certified alder hardwood. We offer natural material options for almost everything, ensuring that the furniture you use to decorate your home is good for your health and good for the environment. From natural latex, down and feathers, to recycled and natural fibers and sustainably grown wood materials, our focus is moving toward a healthier and more sustainable future. This drive toward an environmentally secure future is why we let you customize any piece of furniture to be as eco-friendly as you desire, from the inside out!

It’s Not Just For a Good Cause

Though we haven’t yet mentioned it, bamboo is one of our most favorite sustainable materials. From beds and headboards to tables, desks and chairs, bamboo plywood is a natural and sustainable material that we have found to be perfect for the construction of furniture.

Bamboo is actually a type of grass, which is important because it means it grows back quickly. Bamboo grows so quickly, in fact, that unlike traditional hardwoods, it does not require replanting or replacement. Mature bamboo has an extensive root system that sends up shoots without any human manipulation.

Not only is bamboo sustainable, it is also a beautiful aesthetic addition to many home and office designs. Sophisticated yet understated, bamboo adds a touch of the Orient to any home décor, evoking that sense of zen-like peace in any room where it is used.

Bamboo is actually much more sturdy than traditional furniture. This is because wood used from trees incorporates the natural bumps and knuckles, which ultimately weaken the overall structure. Bamboo, on the other hand, grows extremely straight, which is the key to its strength. Not only is it naturally stronger, the “hot process” we use to create the bamboo plywood strengthens it even further because we heat and fuse the layers of bamboo to one another. Bamboo is so strong that it is even used for products like cutting boards.

Remember that when you buy bamboo, you are not just being environmentally friendly; you are also purchasing furniture with durability, resiliency, and aesthetic value. Bamboo’s fine grain compliments the eco-friendly stains that we apply to it. Bamboo furniture is a beautiful statement piece that is built to last and last.

The Gio 30: x 30” Planter Coffee Table

A box. Who’d’ve thought it would still be useful after all these years? Specially crafted out of bamboo using our “hot process,” is a simple yet functional design that adds beauty and simplicity to any home. Our matte, clear coat, low VOC finish highlights the natural beauty of the bamboo. With optional FSC certified birch “soft drawers” that self-close the last couple of inches, this Gio coffee table is not built until you order it, which means that there will never be any left-over or unused materials from the construction of the table.

If the 30” x 30” size is not appropriate to the room you want to furnish, we also offer to-the-inch customization options. With a 9” x 9” depression, the Gio is the perfect table for adding a bit of plant life into a home without worrying that pets or children will knock them over.

The Buden Bed

Completely made out of solid bamboo, the Buden platform bed is as beautiful as it is functional. What makes the Buden truly special are the unique, customizable storage options at the foot of the bed, as well as base drawers along the side. Part of modern living means making efficient use of your space, and the Buden provides just that. It’s amazing how much you can fit under this bed without taking up the space you may or may not have to devote to other storage options. The base is the same size as the mattress, so there is no wasted space and no protruding legs to stub your toes on. The headboard comes standard and makes a perfectly usable surface to place items on, whether you are an avid book reader or prefer picture frames or other modern décor. The optional drawers also sit flush for minimal visual impact when closed.

We offer samples of the wood with the different color options for a finish that is sure to match your décor. Featured on, this bed is “a way to transform your bedroom from blah to breathtakingly modern.” This bed is also customizable to the inch to ensure that you can make the most of your limited space, or meet your need for lots of extra storage.


Viesso is a Los Angeles based green furniture store focused on comfort, functionality, and the use of sustainable and eco-friendly materials and processes. All of our products, including upholstered and case goods, are made in Los Angeles. Building locally keeps our lead time shorter, allows us to maintain a higher level of quality than outsourcing would, benefits the environment because it reduces the need to ship overseas, and ultimately supports our local economy. For more information on why you should use bamboo and our different customization options, or to see if any of these items are available for viewing at our showroom, please contact us today! We can be reached by phone at 877.8.VIESSO.

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