Wall Murals That are Worth a Thousand Words

We started our furniture business to bring customers the best possible contemporary designs that reflect how we live our lives today. In this spirit, Viesso has been helping people decorate their homes in style and with the functionality that represents how we manage our space, as well as our time.

Decorating From The Ground Up

With a roster of some of the best design firms in the industry, we are able to bring you everything from sleek beds, sexy sofas, unique tables, ergonomic seating options, and accent pieces that represent your taste. Our wide array of lighting options, rugs, throw pillows, and even outdoor furniture has made us the company to go to when you want to decorate your home from the ground up.

Finding The Right Selection For Your Space

There are many elements that make us a unique furniture design store. Our ability to customize most of our models allows you to choose colors, textures, and of course, the size that fits just perfectly into any room. Our expert interior specialists are always on board to give you advice and to help you find the right selection for your space, whether its a small New York apartment, a spacious loft, a town home, or a mansion in the country.

Staying Ahead Of The Curve

Because we care about design and love the adventure of discovery, we are always searching for new items to bring to our customers. Consistently inspired by art and the innovative creators who make it, we stand in awe of some of the amazing pieces that are coming our way and that we are able to add to our inventory. Always searching for what is about to be new in design trends, we aim to stay ahead of the curve, bringing you the newest and the most interesting work before it hits the mainstream.

Extraordinary Wall Murals

In this regard, we have incorporated into our growing line of furniture exceptional limited editions that function as wall art. From wallpaper to decals, our list of artists is growing, with one of the most exceptional areas in this field being wall murals, which we feel are worth a thousand words.

Making a Statement

Murals are simply defined as wall art that has no repeating pattern. As if painted directly on a wall, they are indeed large paintings that make a statement, functioning as striking conversation pieces that work perfectly as the central focus or potent background in any room.

Creating Context For Your Space

Placing a mural on a wall is a more creative expression than simply using colored paint. With a mural, you have a work of art that expands your concept of interior design as it turns a plain room into something of interest and depth. With emphasis on shape, texture, and content, a mural is the latest in modern wall coverings, providing an unmistakable feature as it creates context for your space.

Easy to Mount, Easy to Handle, Easy to Move

The behind-the-scenes beauty of a wall mural is that it is extremely easy to mount. Coming in strips, it is applied like wallpaper, with each strip overlapping one cm to create a seamless picture and an exquisite effect. Each strip measures approximately 40 inches wide and as high as you would like it to be, making it easy to handle. With a simple adhesive backing, it is also easy to remove and reposition when desired. Its instant-drying paper makes it ideal for any indoor setting, and it can be laminated for use outdoors, such as on the side of an porch or balcony. Thoroughly customizable, you can order your mural to the inch, selecting the total number of square feet you need by entering the dimensions of the space where it will go.

Changing The Mood of a Room

Making your plain wall space into something beautiful and unique is the new way to style your home, and at Viesso we are extremely proud of the one-of-a-kind artists whose work we are displaying for sale. Their work allows you to change the mood of a room, create impact, and elicit a sensation that invites you to luxuriate within its aura.

The Masalot Gallery

Most of the work we carry is represented by the renowned Masalot Gallery, which has been one of the bulwarks in the modern art scene since 2003. Representing and promoting both new and established artists whose tools are computer hardware and software, they have helped bring digital art to the fore, raising it to new levels as it has moved from digital files to the walls of our homes.

Limited Editions

Using imaginative palettes, concepts, and figures, each mural we carry is a unique limited edition that creates a strong visual impact. Whether it is a sophisticated graphic, a fanciful image, a dramatic scenario, or a comic-like backdrop for a kid’s room, each design will take a bland room and make into something interesting, fanciful, and magical.

Variety Corresponding to Every Taste

Some of the artists we have in our inventory include Christian Mintenegro, Kozyndan, Francesco Simeti, Marcos Chi, Florence Manlik, Kam Tang, Andrea Offerman, and Pier Fichefeux. Each one brings his or her specific style to the fore, providing enormous variety that corresponds to every taste level.

Affordable and Ingenious

Choosing a wall mural is similar to choosing a great work of art, except for the price. Because they are so affordable, it is much easier to imagine filling your home with these ingenious pieces. If you are decorating your home from scratch, start with an unfurnished room and choose a mural that strikes a strong chord. Then begin selecting furniture and accessories that correspond with the feeling, colors, and shapes in the work to create a counterpoint and a balance in the space in order to invite and tantalize. You can also match a mural to the mood you have already created in a room, finding one that adds just that thing that you didn’t even realize was missing.

How to Decorate With Wall Murals

Take a look at our online showroom to get a feel for how you can decorate your home with wall murals. We have a plethora of examples that will ignite your imagination. Making your living space into a work of art is not difficult, and at Viesso, this is what we are all about. All of the designs we carry are with aesthetics in mind as we promote contemporary design trends that make your life easier and more pleasurable.

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