Wall To Wall

Don’t get us wrong, we love a clean, white wall as much as anybody else. However, we may be the president of the modern wallpaper fan club. Here’s the amazing thing with modern wallpaper: the possibilities are endless. One can select a bold print, or something truly subtle. There can be a small section of a wall covered, or you can go all out modern wallpaper crazy and cover every inch of wall in the room. Heck, you could wallpaper the ceiling, the doors, or pieces of furniture.

Say you’re creating a nursery for your home, and want something soothing, yet modern. You’re not creating the type of nursery that’s all primary colors, and letter blocks. You’ve got your eye on making a unique, Pinterest-worthy room. So you may select a baby-friendly wallpaper pattern that’s full of soft blues, greys, whites, and perhaps birds, flowers, or trees, to lullaby your little one to sleep each night.

Perhaps you’re designing your home office, where you plan to pen the next great American novel. Your choice of modern wallpaper may be a touch brighter to keep your motivation level high. Better yet, you might choose a book print, to remind you why you’re spending so much time sitting in an office, attempting to write, and really just staring at your walls. And, well, if that’s the case, you’ll truly appreciate the beautiful modern wallpaper surrounding you.

Lots of people are afraid to paint walls, and to add so much color at once. For hesitant, commitment phobic non-painters, wallpaper is a great alternative. Should you end up longing for your white walls, you can simply remove it. Should you end up loving your modern wallpaper beyond your wildest dreams, you can always add more. Win, win. We like that in our designing.

Feel free to check out our selection of modern wallpaper right here. Let us know what your favorites are.

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