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Wallpaper Wall Coverings

When moving into a new home, or redecorating your present place, the question always comes up…should you paint or hang wallpaper? Many homeowners mistakenly believe that painting is easier, less messy, cheaper, and more protective to your walls and the environment. Let’s compare paint to wallpaper…wall coverings that complete your room in a way that paint simply cannot.

At the onset, it is true that paint is going to be a smaller initial investment than wallpaper; that is, if you have smooth, unblemished walls that require no patching, sanding, and sealing. Inexpensive paint usually requires two or more coats, as well as primers if the color you are changing to is lighter than the original paint, or if you are changing from an oil base or glossy paint to a latex or matte finish. If there is any water damage to the wall it also needs a protective sealer to prevent the stain from showing through the paint.

The highest quality paints are costly; especially if you are going to use low or no VOC paints to help protect the environment. Cleanup is also more damaging when using oil based paints, while all you need is water to clean up after hanging wallpaper. Painting needs to be redone every couple of years, whereas wallpaper, when hung correctly, can last for as long as twenty-five years.

When choosing your wallpaper, pick one that is made from natural cloth or paper that is renewable or recycled. You also want to use a good, low VOC, non-toxic wallpaper paste.

So what are the advantages to choosing wallpaper? Because it lasts so long, it is not as costly in the long run. It is easily repaired if it gets torn or damaged in one spot. All you have to do is make sure that you bought enough paper to have some to patch with…and it must not be stored in plastic. It needs to age at the same rate as the paper that is hung, or your colors will differ. If you have uneven walls, or cracks, you can hang your wallpaper over it and conceal it completely, simply by using a heavily textured paper. Bamboo patterns that have been lined with muslin will hide a multitude of flaws while making a fashion statement. Most papers are washable.

There are so many ways to use modern wallpaper! You can do all walls, the ceiling, or just one wall for accent or to change the illusion of an odd shaped room. Wallcoverings can be used instead of a headboard…or to cover one. Screens covered with wallpaper can be used to designate furniture groupings, block out sunlight, or as an element of surprise. Borders can be used to lower a ceiling visually; or a child’s closet door, to make it look smaller. Make a small window look larger by framing it with a border.

If you are hoping for a wonderfully modern scheme, you will find it by visiting Viesso, which offers green furniture and home furnishings for environmentally conscious buyers, as well as beautiful, quality wallpaper…wallcoverings that complete your room.

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