Wallpaper Wall Murals

Are you the type of person who loves to make a statement in the decor of your home? Are you looking for an unusual way to define space in an open floor plan? Do you have a flare for the dramatic and wish for your home to reflect that passion? If any of these describe you, then you are the kind of person who might consider purchasing a wallpaper wall mural for your home.

In the past, wall murals have been mostly relegated to children's bedrooms and nursery schools. Finding a wallpaper mural with a motif other than balloons, teddy bears, or butterflies could be quite difficult. Many people had to go to the expense of paying an artist to come to their home to create unique and interesting wall decor.

But today, manufacturers are creating wallpaper murals in an amazing variety of styles, colors, and patterns to suit even the most discriminating taste. Modern wallpaper murals are not simply pretty landscapes or dull patterns. Many companies are creating them in edgy and bold patterns based upon modern art styles so you can make a statement with your home's interior design. Viesso has a large selection of these stylish papers.

If you have modern decor in your home, it is easy to find a wall mural that audaciously declares your own personal statement of style. Using a wall paper mural like H Torsion by Jim Soliven or Love Forest by Chisato Shinya on a single wall in your home can powerfully declare your individuality and creativity. Many of these bold patterns are not meant to paper an entire room. The patterns would be too overwhelming. They are created to be used on an accent wall that pulls together the whole design of a room.

The beauty of these papers lies in the fact that they are created by popular and successful graphic artists and illustrators. Many wall murals sold by Viesso are not just a company-created product line. These are legitimate pieces of artwork, reproduced for you to use in your own home. In a way, using one of these wall murals is almost like having a famous artist design a wall in your home.

Many wallpaper murals are available in custom sizes, to the inch. You no longer have to worry about the mural fitting the dimensions of the room. You simply order the height and width you need and the company scales the image to the proper size.

Are you wanting to create a wall mural outside? All you need to do is laminate the paper to make it weatherproof and you will have a personalized mural for the exterior of your home or business. And if you are renting a space, these papers can be peeled off and repositioned. So your lovely wall mural need not stay in the rental home when you move.

To get a good look at many fashionable wallpaper murals, Viesso has quite a selection online. A lot of them have images where you can preview how other people used them in their own homes. Some of the styles seem overwhelming when viewing the swatch on the screen, but when you look at the other photos, you can see how a designer made a chic, bold statement using that mural. Visit www.Viesso.com to order your wallpaper mural today.

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