What Can Beautiful Wallpapers Do for Your Space?

Many people think of wallpaper as a less than ideal option for covering walls, given the hassle of applying and removing traditional wallpaper. Then, when you consider the fact that wallpaper brands used to continuously churn out outdated patterns to the point of wallpaper becoming virtually useless if you wanted to bring a modern look to your home or business, you may not think of wallpaper as your first choice for decorating a room.

If you are ready to let go of your preconceptions about wallpaper, you’ll realize just how many exciting ways you can use it. Here are some ideas on where to use modern wallpapers and what they can do for your space.

woods wallpaper

Mimic the Texture and Patterns of Natural Materials

Wallpaper can be used to mimic expensive design materials by offering a cost-effective option that can be easily replaced if you decide to change your space. Instead of spending thousands for natural stone, you can use wallpaper to create a similar look. By using wallpaper that features neutral colors or swirling patterns on a portion of the wall in a room, you can produce a look that is somewhat similar to the natural pattern found in marble and soapstone.

Using wallpapers that mimic the look of sandstone can add texture and depth to the space. To complete the look, use these wallpaper pattern types in rooms that feature wood or metal furniture to add unexpected design details.

Additionally, wallpaper can also be used to bring the outdoors inside if you select wallpapers that mimic that look of natural wood. Wallpaper that looks like weathered or unfinished wood adds a bit of rawness to an otherwise polished room with modern furnishings. Pairing the wood-look wallpaper with other earthy hues creates an ambiance of tranquility in your space.

Use Wallpaper for an Accent Wall

While you might love to have a hand-painted mural on an accent wall, it’s not really worth the investment if you like to change the design of your space frequently. Instead, you can create a similar effect just by finding the right wallpaper. In fact, wallpapers with floral patterns that feature delicate details have actually become quite popular in 2016.

floral wallpaper

Using wallpaper instead of a hand-painted design also works great for child’s room or play area. There there is an endless array of wallpaper patterns available that feature animals and other stylized objects to help create a dreamy, imaginative wonderland for your space. You can even select from wallpaper patterns that feature popular children’s characters or themes of the moment.

In a commercial space, you might use wallpaper on an accent wall to add a personal touch to the design of space so that it doesn’t feel cold and sterile, such as in a hospital. Applying wallpaper to an accent wall, rather than the entire room, can also help to break the room up into sections if you plan to use the space for more than one use. By personalizing the look of the space with wallpaper, you can make it seem more interesting and inviting, even if it is just a waiting room.

Fine Art for a Full Wall

If you prefer a more sophisticated wallpapers for your space, you can opt for fine art paper. These wallpapers make the most of the latest advancement in digital art printing in order to bring classic works of art into our homes and commercial spaces. If you don’t have thousands to spend on replica paintings, these fine art wallpapers are the perfect solution!

In fact, retail establishments, upscale hotels, and other businesses have already recognized the value of using fine art wallpapers. They work well because they are eye-catching and are not to be missed. In addition, the selection of the work to feature on the wallpaper also reflects the sophisticated taste of the interior designer who selected the wallcoverings.

Any large wall is an ideal space for the decorative effect that fine art wallpapers can provide. These wallpapers can completely change the atmosphere of the room while also dictating the color scheme that is appropriate for the furniture and other decorative elements of the room. In addition, with high-resolution prints, modern wallpaper becomes a close replication of the actual work without making a mockery of the artist's original intentions.

Create a Color Scheme With Wallpaper

One major difference between traditional and modern wallpapers is that color has made a comeback. These days, wallpapers are available in vibrant, exciting colors that will invigorate your space. Introducing solid color wallpapers into a room that features rich color can offer contrast between the other colors that are present in your space

beautiful wallpapers

If you are looking for an unobtrusive decorating idea, you can use wallpapers in neutral colors that will complement the décor without attracting attention on their own. In this way, you can use wallpaper to continue the designs of your space without clashing.

Now becoming design-savvy is as easy as ordering new wallpaper! These ideas should help you forget about the problems of old, traditional wallpapers so that you can open up to the amazing possibilities of modern, beautiful wallpapers.

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