What Makes Furniture Green Furniture

What Makes Furniture Green Furniture Green furniture has become more available and more desirable as consumers have become more knowledgeable about what contributes to making a healthier environment. With so many details going into what makes furniture truly green, we at Viesso thought we’d put out a few reminders, as true intelligence is always in the details.

Sustainable Materials

Of course the first thing about green furniture is making sure that the materials are sustainable. Sustainable means preserving an ecological balance by not depleting natural resources. This means that selecting woods and other materials that grow quickly or that have been recycled after other uses, is the best way to go. Renewable wood that is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) makes it easy to pick furniture that you can live with in good conscience and in comfort. Bamboo, a super fast growing grass that is always plentiful, and reclaimed teak are both excellent choices.

Reusing Materials We Have in the Loop

Keeping the materials we already have in the loop and reusing them is one of the most effective ways to manage over-production and keep waste to a minimum. A good antique shop or flea market find can add a unique flavor to your home.

Our design team at Viesso often recommends putting that one-of-a-kind chair from another decade, your grandmother’s beautifully crafted sideboard, or an old brass bed in a contemporary setting to create more personality.

And what could be more fun that taking a Sunday to look for odds and ends like wooden crates and funky flour tins to hold magazines and spices? There is a whole world of terrific stuff out there that can make your living space as distinctive as you are, and lots of things that can ignite your creativity as you think of new ways to use them.

Volatile Organic Compounds

So, while you’re all What Makes Furniture Green Furniture probably familiar with sustainable materials and the mantra “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle,” let’s talk about some elements that might be a bit more obscure, like VOCs. VOC stands for “volatile organic compounds,” which are the finishes, adhesives, coatings, bonding agents, fire retardants, and stain preventers that are usually used in commercial furniture and upholstery processes.

The fewer chemicals, such as formaldehyde and other lethal elements, we have in our midst, the better it is for our health and the health of our environment. As obvious as this is, we often forget that these chemicals are there as we can’t see them or even smell them. Asking a company if their furniture is low VOC and choosing upholstery that is organic or recycled is key to prevent the introduction of these harmful chemicals into our homes and environment.

Leaving a Non-Hazardous Footprint

At Viesso, we concentrate on construction processes and materials that leave a very small footprint that is non-hazardous. All of our furniture is created with the lowest possible VOC and our upholstery choices are completely eco-friendly.

Packing and Shipping

Do you ever think of transportation when you think of green products? Probably not, but this is definitely a factor in determining sustainability. How things are packed and how things are shipped is important when it comes to energy use. When furniture is flat-packed, which means it needs to be put together on your end, it creates more space for more things to be shipped along with it. This means fewer deliveries are needed, which means less energy is required to get what you want from door to door.

Multi-Functional Furniture

Another advantage of flat-packed furniture is that it can be taken apart for recycling when and if the time comes that it no longer serves. Better yet, when the furniture you choose is made to perform various functions, like a seat that is also a storage unit, or a table that converts into something else, you have a really versatile system that makes for great eco-friendly habits.

What Makes Furniture Green Furniture Energy Efficiency

Responsible manufacturing practices that are energy efficient are another factor that substantiates the green label. Are the materials used for production selected with an eye towards reducing greenhouse emissions? Is the footprint made through manufacture as small as possible? These are things to look at when you are investigating what’s green or what’s mean for the planet.

Non-Exploitive Labor

\And here’s another element that we at Viesso can’t stress enough in terms of importance. Where does the labor force come from? Supporting non-exploitive labor that champions fair treatment where everyone involved benefits is essential if you want to be able to brag that you are a truly eco-conscious citizen.

Organic and Untreated

Using organic, untreated fibers is another important aspect of helping to keep our planet in as sustainable condition as possible, as well as our collective health. Synthetic materials and plants that have been raised with chemicals do nothing to help us with better air, a clean water supply, and the pure air we wish to breathe every single day.

When you think about cotton alone, it’s pretty scary. Conventional cotton farming uses up to 40% of harmful pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers for production. Think about your bedding and clothing and then take a look at the labels. If they’re not made of pure, organic, untreated cotton, you’re contributing to a very serious problem.

Putting the Best Foot Forward

At Viesso, we pay attention to all of the fabrics we present to our customers as choices for pillow covers and upholstery. Organic or recycled is the name of the game, as we keep putting our best foot forward in service of a better way to manage our homes and our lives.

Information, Education, and Research

It’s not difficult to go green. Just a little information and education, along with reading labels and doing some research on companies whose furniture you like. Check to see what their eco policies are before you shell out some serious dough. It doesn’t take much to do your part. Make a commitment to healthy practices and you’ll find that you don’t have to go far to find manufacturers of like mind. They are everywhere.

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What Makes Furniture Green Furniture

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