What to Accessorize your Living Room Space With

Maybe you are in the beginning of creating the look of your living room space, or perhaps you have already chosen the important pieces. You may already have a color scheme that defines your sensibility and the rest is filling in the blanks. Wherever you are in your decorating process, accessorizing will be one of the most attractive, important, and exciting elements when it comes to putting the necessary punctuation at the end of each one of your design sentences.

Adding Elements To Fill In The Blanks

At Viesso, we always have accessories in the back of our mind. We sell some of the most interesting and contemporary new furniture designs and realize that along with our sleek, minimal lines comes the great value in adding the extra elements that can fill in all the blanks.

Accent Pillows

Most of our sofas come with various color selections. Adding accent pillows to any one of our designs is a way to compliment them with contrasting hues, while providing extra comfort when lounging, entertaining, or working. Mixing colors and shapes with a variety of small pillows, floor pillows, and bolsters is a great way to soften angles and create a comfortable environment that warms up the home. We have a variety of selections when it comes to fabrics, fillings, and size, allowing you to mix and match to your heart’s desire.

The Stripe Accent Pillow

One of the pillows we love are our Stripe Accent pillows made of soft, pure linen with a cushy down filling. Take a look at the earth or “pool” colors and you will see what we mean when we say that these pillows add a beautifully sleek look to any living environment.

The Bloom Decorative and the Violet Decorative Pillows

Our Bloom Decorative pillow is alive with color, making dark furniture pop with vibrancy. On the other end of the spectrum, our Violet Decorative pillow comes in subtle ivory, ash, and shadow colors that make the linen and hand-crocheted touches as subtle as they are romantic.

Custom Rugs

Custom rugs make the perfect accents to an interior space, helping to define a specific area as they add a focal point to the room. We have an enormous range of choices, from modern to racy to classical to ethnic, with almost all of the colors of the rainbow to select from.

The Naya

Take a look at the Naya hand woven shag rug that resonates with a super contemporary design and comes in many different colors to blend into your color scheme. Made of polyester to retain color clarity, this mid-pile beauty is plush and extremely easy to clean.

The Tibetan Red Rug

The Tibetan Red Rug, made of intricately woven, hand-knotted Nepalese wool, is completely natural, with no chemical dyes. Soft as silk, the vibrant colors and pattern brings an energy into your living room that will complement predominantly grey or black and white decor.

The Studio Morning After Rug

A quintessential art rug named Studio Morning After / HZL by Henzel represents our interest at Viesso in carrying unique lines that make one-of-a-kind impressions for your floors. With a streak of black, this rug creates a bold statement that is even more powerful if combined with an accent pillow in deep scarlet or an equally strong color.

Urbio’s Mounted Wall System

On to a completely different theme, let’s talk about the fantastically creative yet indelibly simple wall mounted wall storage system from Urbio. A great accent piece for a wall, this system is both utilitarian and decorative. Whether you place small plants in each space or use the pockets to organize your office or kitchen supplies, you’ve got a great little vertical world here that is made of lightweight recyclable and durable polypropylene. The piece comes with six wall plates that include 1 big daddy, 1 string bean, 1 wide mouth, 3 shorties, all combining to create a “Big Happy Family.” Easy to mount, it includes wall plates with brackets, screws, anchors, and magnets.

Wall Decor

Speaking of walls, one of the most interesting and newly modern ways to create powerful accents in a home is through the use of wallpaper, murals, and decals. At Viesso we carry a bevy of alternative wall decor that makes statements far more interesting than coating a wall with mere paint.


Wallpaper adds dimension and imagination and we have a myriad of patterns that will appeal to any taste, from the conservative to the more experimental. Our Kashmir Cashmere 101 Wallpaper by Omexco wallpaper is a striking example with its bold florals that come in a variety of bold or subtle tones. A more modern and cool pattern would be Omexco’s Oxygen Capish Shell 223 Wallpaper, demonstrating a playful pattern that is cool, subtle, and fresh.


Wall murals are exceptionally easy to install as they come in strips similar to wallpaper. Once you’ve applied them to a wall, the result is like a giant painting. A magnificent way to display a piece of art, our murals can be ordered to the inch by choosing the height and width that you need. With your order, the design is then scaled to size and sent with self-adhesive strips that overlap to create a seamless whole.

One of our favorites is the H Torsion by computer artist, Jim Soliven. From New York City, Jim began creating his line after experimenting with art as it applies to technology. This piece is one of his most exciting visualizations.

The Chambre avec Vu, by Kenzo Minami is an eclectic work that makes a stunning accent piece. From Kobe, Japan, Kenzo graduated from Parsons School of Design and was the first artist to create a painted mural for Nike’s Art Project Space in NYC, as well as for the Chelsea Art Museum.


Our many designer decals make great temporary wall art and can be easily peeled off when you’re in the mood for a change. Take for example the Toranji damask print decal with its crisp edges and matt finish that makes it look like it was painted on. The Lost Lenore is another stunning piece, featuring a gothic bird in flight that makes an exceptional conversation piece.

Adding Personality and Spice

However you choose to accent your living room or any other space in your home, we at Viesso can provide you with contemporary solutions that will add the personality, spice, comfort, and distinction that make the difference between bland and unique. For more information on accent choices and how you can use them to create more character in your living space, please contact us by calling 877.8.VIESSO or through our online form, which can be found here.

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