What your Couch Says About You

The California furniture company Viesso is rapidly making strides towards becoming the number one locale for savvy customers. With a plethora of options for creating the perfect contemporary home, they have just the sofa it takes to mesh with exactly the type of human you are:

The Unfurl

Able to adapt easily just like this convertible sofa, you are practical, durable, understated, and infinitely appealing. You’ve got a smart, clean, snappy exterior that holds an inner smile waiting to burst forth at the least provocation. Your buried whimsy is clothed in a cool, intelligent, and understated exterior, and you certainly don’t need to burst onto the scene in full peacock allure to make an impression. You came out cool from the very beginning and you stayed there. You take chances and you take your martinis extra dry. Most of all, you take life as it comes, shaping it as you meet it head on.

The Rebecca Two Seater Sofa

Whimsy and romance are what drive you, with your sunny disposition and your predilection towards making people happy. You’re a romantic too, combining a modern groove with a bit of tradition that makes you as appealing as the day is long. You are a people person who knows when to be intimate and make it seem like there’s no one else in the world but the one you’re focused on at the moment. Summer weather and breezy days sing your tune, making it easy to imagine you tooling down a winding mountain road in your 1967 MGB convertible. We’ve even seen you curl up with your laptop and make work look like fun. But inside of that bubbly, laissez faire exterior is a fragile side that makes you all the more interesting, and that’s why your one of the most popular humans in town.

The Silenos Plus Sofa Bed

Chic and silent, you know what solid fashion is all about, which is why perhaps you’re such a fan of Tom Ford. There’s nothing ostentatious about you: you know who you are and are never swayed by the crowd. You want others to be comfortable, but you never fawn. Calm and collected, your brilliant ideas remain silent until the results are ready to emerge. You know what it means to be you, and you never flaunt or flash. Serious in work, love, and play, you’re the type that makes it all mean something, including the cool gravitas of your penetrating gaze as you sip from that Waterford glass. Solid as a rock, you burn constant and hot, with an eternal loyalty that is graced on the mere few.

The Supremax Deluxe Full Sofa Bed

Somehow you manage to be conservative without being stuffy. And there’s a strong undercurrent of a true modern connection running through your veins, as you’re always on top of what’s happening in the world, whether its politics or social events. With an outlook that is no nonsense practical, you don’t need frills as you go straight to the point and know exactly when you’ve arrived. Creative, you don’t need distractions as you delve into your inner world and come up with non-negotiable results that work. You have an earthy sense of things, but know when to fly when you must. If we had to sum you up in a simple phrase, it would be “serious, but with dimples.”

The Luna Sofa

Ultra modern and hip, you’ve been cultivating your aesthetic and sticking to it for a very long time. You’re aware of the world and know how to create your own. You’re a super individual, smart, chic, and have mastered the art of bringing others over to your side. Great in an emergency, you never panic. You understand the value of staying home on long winter nights and are usually to be found with a Russian novel or the Wall Street Journal in hand. With a cold glass of vodka and a platter of gravlaks and capers, you rule the world. For you beauty is as important as function and you combine the two with a seamless sophistication that draws people in like eager flies.

The Pel 84” Sofa

Equally happy in the city or country, where perhaps you own homes, you know your comfort level and seek it whenever possible. Whether it’s gourmet food or Sloppy Joes and fries, you manage to do it all in style. Modern and super smart, you’ve got a select group of friends who are happy to mine your fertile brain as you disseminate the latest information on whatever strikes your fancy. You are fashion forward, a stickler for details in the right way, want your interiors as clear as your thinking, and are a true romantic, without being frilly about it.

The Adelaide Sofa

Contained and conservative, you are serious about your work and your play. A perfectionist, you like things neat and uncluttered, which is why the modern lifestyle sits like the perfect mantle on your shoulders. Your clear mind is reflected in your living space, and you make no excuses for the least bit of clutter. All this being said, you’ve been known to grab a few of those cozy pillows you have stashed away and curl up, just to defy your reputation for being the best at what you do with no concessions. Some people would be quite shocked to know that the book you’re holding could be either the Picture of Dorian Gray… or Fifty Shades of…!

The Hamlin One Arm Sofa with Chaise

You’re cool, you’re modern, and you know your décor and how you want to live. Connected with culture, you have an art collection that is distinct and contemporary, and you’re the one who puts the super wow factor in your loft or spacious apartment, or home. A truly creative mind, you are constantly thinking. You are the quintessential multitasker who can handle it all. At the same time, you know when to work and when to let it all hang out, even though you’re always on the ball, ready for the next and newest thought, movie, recipe, book, or destination. You can mingle like a pro or stay in and cook all night, taking time off to browse through Architectural Digest or i-D. Whatever it is that you choose to have in your orbit, like this couch, you don’t need a second arm to know you have everything in hand.

The Jackson FME Corner Sectional with Chaise

One of the most attractive things about you is how comfortable, poised, and clear you are about being in your own skin. Its clear you love to entertain, and your home speaks of how much you enjoy making others feel comfortable and contained. Whether its to hang out with your best friends, or spend weekends blissfully horizontal reading your favorite newspapers, books, and magazines, you’ve got the bead on what it takes to relax. We’ve seen you many a night having those long discussions with plenty of space between you and your mate tossing around thoughts and ideas as you reach for yet another bottle of Merlot. With your modern outlook and solid interior, you’ve got all it takes for a rich life filled with exactly what you command.

The Zeal Deluxe Sofa Bed

When exactly did cool become your middle name? When did you start wearing those hats that no one else did until they became all the rage? How did you discover the hippest reading glasses way before anyone else, or that best little restaurant hideaway? You’ve got the knack, the nose, and the instinct for uncovering things that no one else can find, and you do it without a hitch. Everyone loves you for the fact that you just don’t care what others think. We admire you for being in the vanguard, for being so experimental, for being in the know. You’re never afraid to go where others fear to tread, and you always land on your feet. Whether its staying up late to finish watching that Rainer Werner Fassbinder retrospective or to close that last chapter of Bukowski or Beaudelaire, you’ve got your little piece of private heaven ready and waiting, 24/7.

To find the piece of furniture that says exactly the right thing about you, browse Viesso’s online shop and discover yourself!

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