Which Sofa Is Best Leather or Fabric? (Before Purchasing)

As an important piece of furniture in the living room, a sofa can perfectly accentuate or be a big nuisance to your living space. So, carefully choosing one is the key.

Aside from the size, comfort, and style, one thing you should consider is the material from which the sofa is made. Will you opt for leather or fabric?

Leather gives off a sleek modern design that is easy to maintain, while the fabric sofa is budget-friendly and more comfortable with more design options.

Choosing between the two types of material sofa boils down to preferences. However, it pays to research and know how each material differs in terms of maintenance, durability, comfort, style, and cost. After all, it’s an investment for your house.

This article will provide you with comparisons between the two sofa types to help you decide which one is best for you. 

General maintenance and durability

Since the sofa is a frequently used furniture in the house, its durability and how easily maintainable it is matter. An easily maintainable sofa gives you less hassle for cleaning it, while a durable one that lasts for years can save you bucks.

Leather sofas are hard-wearing and easy to clean
Cabot sofa

Leather is naturally durable and last three times more than a fabric sofa with regular care. Because it is hard-wearing, it keeps the form and style of when you first bought it for longer.

Additionally, a leather sofa is easy to clean with just one swipe. You just have to rub it down at least once a year to make sure that the leather still maintains its finish. So, it is ideal if children live in your house.

Although it needs less maintenance, it is susceptible to cracks and splits if not well taken care of.

Another thing about the leather sofa is that it is hypoallergenic. It can repel allergens, such as dust mites, pet hair, and pet dander, making it a good option for people who have allergies.

Fabric sofas are prone to wear and tear

On average, a fabric sofa can last seven years, depending on the quality of the fabric. Most fabric sofas are prone to wear and tear and pilling on the material over time. However, sofas made with high-quality fabrics can last longer.

Although fabric sofas have stain repellent treatment, it needs regular cleaning and vacuuming because they tend to collect dust mites, pet hairs, and other allergens that can cause allergic reactions.

Nonetheless, it does not get scratched and can handle your pets’ claws better than leather.

Laguna Sofa


A comfortable sofa can make your time lounging in your space relaxing. The comfort it brings boosts your mood, achieving quality time with your loved ones while sitting with them.

Although there are other factors that contribute to the sofa’s comfortability, let us focus on the material only and assume that other factors are already standard (i.e., frames, cushioning, and springs).

Leather sofas retain heat

Leather sofas tend to absorb heat, which makes them uncomfortably hot and sticky to sit on, especially during the summer season. But they can be incredibly chilly, too, when it is cold.

You can actually accessorize your leather sofa with fabric throws, but these throws will lose the elegant leather look.

Wallace Sofa

Fabric sofas are soft and comfy

Fabric sofas are generally softer and more comfortable than leather sofas. But the comfort level varies with the type of fabric used. A sofa made with high-quality fabric is soft enough to sit on and does not wrinkle or sag when you stand up.

Carmel Sofa

Style and appearance

The style and appearance of a sofa can accentuate your space. It also adds up to the vibe you want to achieve in your room.

Leather sofas are sleek and elegant

Leather sofas always make a statement and give off a more sophisticated vibe in a room. Its Chesterfield design is classic, but it is more elegant than fabric sofas.

However, leather sofas only have limited color options. Generally, they perfectly suit modern or mid-century styles for your room.

Embassy Sofa

Fabric sofas have wider color options

Unlike leather, fabric sofas have wider color, pattern, material, and texture options. They offer better chances of mixing and matching existing decors in your house. So, you can freely express and decorate your house.

With a fabric sofa, you can be bright and fun or choose calm and neutral colors and patterns. You can also be unique and more creative in achieving the interior design you want.

A great example is the Arte Bloom Sofa which has a unique print design. It can serve as a calm base for poetic graphics at home.

 Arte Bloom Sofa

Cost and value

It is not enough to consider comfort, maintenance, durability, and style when buying a sofa. You also have to take into account your budget to help you decide what best suits you.

Leather sofas are generally expensive

Yes, leather sofas are more expensive compared to fabric sofas. But it is a good investment because, considering other factors mentioned above, leather sofas are durable, hypoallergenic, and require less cleaning.

There are less expensive types of leather, but purchasing it may compromise the durability of the sofa.

Fabric sofas are budget-friendly

Fabric sofas are cost-effective because they are widely available and popular. However, there are types of fabrics that may make a fabric sofa more expensive and bring its price to the same level as a leather sofa.

Nonetheless, a high-quality fabric tends to be more durable and comfortable. Purchasing one is worth the money.

Leather sofa vs. fabric sofa - which one to choose?

Deciding what to choose between a leather sofa and a fabric sofa can be tough, but it all boils down to your preference and budget.

A leather sofa is for you if you want a more elegant look in your room. Alternatively, you can choose a fabric sofa for more options of styling. 

A leather sofa is also a better choice if you worry about stains and have children because it is more durable and easy to clean. It is also hypoallergenic.

However, a fabric sofa is the best choice if you prioritize comfort in all seasons. It is also not prone to scratches and cost-effective.

Each of these sofas has its pros and cons. Whatever you choose, make sure it ticks all your wants and meets your needs. It also has to meet your budget.

Wrapping up

Both leather sofa and fabric sofas can serve their purpose as a piece of furniture. Each has its strengths and weaknesses, so it is essential to know the differences between them to help you decide which type of sofa is better for you.

We have presented the differences between the leather and fabric sofas in terms of their durability, maintenance, style, comfort, and cost.

Leather sofas are expensive and may be too hot during the summer season, but they are more durable and look more elegant. Meanwhile, fabric sofas are cost-effective, have more style options, and are comfier, but they may be less durable.

Whatever you choose between these two, make sure to purchase in a store that values style and quality for modern home decoration, just like Viesso. Viesso offers pieces of high-quality furniture that have incredible designs and are eco-friendly.

Purchase your leather or fabric sofas now!

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