White Furniture for Home Dcor

A shared love of stylish yet functional furniture led college friends Ryan Nagle Schultz, Travis Nagle and Alex Contrera to found California's Viesso furniture company in 2005. The company features furniture pieces made with the socially-conscience buyer in mind by incorporating natural woods and fibers into every piece in its line.

If you are looking for handsome white furniture to add a classic touch to the rooms in your home or hotel, then consider purchasing complementary, comfortable pieces from Viesso's selection of white furniture.

Viesso features its environmentally friendly furniture in a showroom in Santa Monica and online at its official website. However, if you cannot get to a showroom, Viesso will ship you material samples so that you can visualize more easily the look of Viesso white furniture in your room. There are a wide variety of samples available, including Viesso fabrics, woods, rug materials and even wallpapers.

Viesso white furniture is constructed from natural materials, including wood from environmentally-conscience sources, such as bamboo and maple wood that has been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. The FSC works to decrease the impact of harvesting trees on the environment by planting trees as buffers against streams and erosion. Viesso also fills its couches and chairs with natural feather and down fibers or fibers made from natural or recycled materials. If you choose to customize a couch or chair on the Viesso website, then you have the option of selecting a "green" fabric made from natural or recycled fibers to cover your piece of Viesso furniture. Viesso also uses water-based glues and stains and finishes that do not contain biocides or preservatives. Therefore, you can trust that your white Viesso furniture is covered with a socially-conscience finish.


Viesso offers a wide variety of sofas and loveseats featuring white fabrics and other natural fabrics in the white fabric family, such as tan, cream and beige. Some of those options include the Ason 60-inch loveseat, a custom platform loveseat, the Dekayess 68-inch loveseat, a custom, vintage-feel loveseat with ornate wood legs, and the Ason 72-inch sofa, a custom, modern loveseat with shiny metal legs. In addition, Viesso offers full-size, white sofas for your home. For example, you may enjoy Viesso's Brenem 96-inch sofa, a modern sofa with simple platform legs, the Mota 84-inch sofa, a custom, modern lounge sofa with metal legs, and the Nein 100-inch sofa, a long, modern, minimalist sofa.

If you are hoping to fill a large room with Viesso white furniture, then you might consider investing in a sectional sofa in a white or white-like fabric. Viesso offers nine different styles of sectional sofa sets, including modular sectionals and modern, sleek sectionals with modern metal and platform legs.


Viesso offers several custom white chairs that you can use as accent pieces in your living room, bedroom, dining room, or TV room. Among the many options are the Rio Chair custom club chair, the Ason Armless Chair with metal legs, and the minimalist Nein chair. This boxy, low-seated chair is especially complementary for decor that is modern and sleek.

Viesso also features a unique Strata chair, which has a deep frame and a modern feel. It is a lounging chair that has wide arm rests on each side that double as extra seating for guests. Together, three people can sit comfortably on a Strata chair -- one in the deep, middle seat and one person on each armrest.

Finally, Viesso offers white-cushioned dining room chairs for your dinner table. The Jasmi Dining Chair features both a short and a standard back. The chair is either armless or comes with arms and features a fabric back and seat that you can have customized with white fabric. The frame is a deep, walnut-stained wood. The Wiam Dining Chair is a uniquely angled chair with a red oak frame that has a back that comes in two different heights. Like the Jasmi chair, you can customize the back and seat of the Wiam chair with custom white fabric. The Wiam chair can come with or without arms.


Bring Viesso into your bedroom by purchasing a custom, white, fabric headboard. Viesso can build a headboard in any size to fit your bed. The headboards come in a wide variety of white fabric and white-family fabrics that cover a foam inset and feature several designs. For example, you can select a quilting technique that frames the headboard in a design of equal squares, you can select a simply covered headboard in one of Viesso's custom fabrics, and you can select a tufted headboard featuring fabric-covered buttons that match the main fabric wrapping the headboard. Contact Viesso with the measurements of your bed or select a headboard in a size that Viesso has already built, the latter which are available on the Viesso website.

Coffee Tables

While Viesso offers a variety of coffee tables made from natural, stained woods, it also offers one coffee table with a white accent. The Sino coffee table features a white carrarra marble tabletop and a walnut frame. It also features a shelf and drawer. The tabletop hangs over slightly from the frame on side and the legs are a shiny, modern chrome.


Add a unique accent piece to your room set-up with a Viesso white bench. Viesso offers a Mento cube bench, a Mento round bench with chrome legs, and longer Mento benches with both platform wood and metal legs. You can place the longer benches at the end of a bed or to fill a space in an entryway. Group together several of the white fabric Mento cube or round benches, which come in 36- and 50-inch diameters, in the middle of a living room space for a simple, modern accent. When grouped together, the cubes can double as a coffee table or a resting place for a dinner tray while watching TV.

Green Model

Viesso has gained wide press coverage, including magazine spreads featuring its photos in top publications such as GQ magazine, Esquire magazine and The Wall Street Journal as well as being noted in Entrepreneur magazine as one of 10 companies to watch because of its socially responsible model.

If you purchase a piece of white Viesso furniture and years later decide to replace it, Viesso will take back the piece of furniture part of its burgeoning furniture-recycling program. Viesso will reuse the parts and will not charge customers for the disposal of the piece.

Once you order a Viesso furniture piece, you can expect it to be shipped between two and six days after it departs from the Viesso warehouse. Viesso makes its furniture to order, and it takes at least three weeks to make a custom piece. If the item is in stock, Viesso will get it to you as soon as possible. Custom orders may take longer, and Viesso can give you an estimate of the time they need to complete your custom white furniture. Expedited shipping is available for rush orders, but you will need to contact Viesso to let them know how quickly you need the furniture piece. Viesso ships via UPS and FedEx to help ensure your order is delivered safely and securely to your home. Call or click today to let Viesso furnish your home or place of business in all shades and shapes of white!

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