White Leather Office Chairs

Mad Men’s past season came in with a bolt. Roger Sterling’s minimalist office pairs the now-classic Saarinen Tulip Table with an Artemide Nesso table lamp. In all-white, it’s fresh and witty and hits the television screen like a florescent light. His Ray and Charles Eames office chair called the Time-Life Executive Chair was created specifically for the three ultramodern lobbies of the Time-Life Building in 1960. The chair is beautiful from every angle, chic comfort, and functional with its thick buttoned cushions wrapped in leather and finished off with chrome and casters. The iconic white leather office chair was born.

Comfort in an office chair is a priority, as comfort and productivity go hand in hand. The Eames’ set the bar by first successfully marrying Modern beauty with comfort, creating a new design standard in office chairs. Their concept included beauty as a design priority, and that changed everything. Beauty and comfort, form and function, were now the new office standards.

The modern Modern Office

Roger Sterling’s office is classic, innovative and unconventional. Following that lead, modern offices now contain sleek work stations that inspire creativity and chic streamlined ergonomic furnishings. Modern design uses clean lines, orderly spare storage units and accessible work spaces that inspire creative and clear thinking.

More people are embracing the idea that a creative work environment helps animate minds and stimulate innovation. From changing the wall color or hanging clever wallpaper, to a total overhaul of the office design and layout, the contemporary business model is breaking the mold. Borrowing from the original “Moderns”, who invented contemporary innovation, the new business introduces a unique work environment in hopes of cultivating the next works of genius.

Take a Seat

If dark office chairs are the traditional, then white office chairs are the new classic. The white office chair immediately brings brightness to a room and imagination. The dark office chair in its predictability may suggest routine, and the white office chair in a classic form suggests potential. To businesses looking towards innovation, potential is king.

Now not all dark office chairs are dinosaurs – in fact those with the Modern touch in architecting and a zest of line are front runners in design, without a doubt. Black will always be synonymous with what’s chic and edited – two hallmarks of Modern design. But the white office chair is definitely the exception to the rule and the maverick.

The Beauty of Leather

A leather chair is in a category of its own when it comes to furniture. And a white leather chair designed for the office is a revolutionary design leap. The classic identity of leather, traditional in design, coupled with the modern edge that white delivers, is what gives the white leather office chair its total impact.

Given the specialness of the white leather office chair, a closer inspection of styles, and leather usage and grade becomes essential. Leather comes in quality types called grades and can be determined with a few guidelines:

• The higher the quality leather, the higher the price.

• You can determine the quality of leather by the feel. A higher grade of leather is softer and smoother to the touch. However, a finer grade of leather will tear and stain more easily than a lower grade.

• A lower grade of leather has a rough, thick feeling, and will tend to be cooler to the touch at all times, whereas a finer leather will react to both room temperature and body heat.

Leather Maintenance

Purchasing a white leather office chair is an investment that requires care and maintenance, as does anything worth having. Although leather is well known for being beautiful, tough, and easy to keep clean, it does, like all materials have its needs.

• Follow the maintenance instructions that come with the furniture piece. They know that particular leather best.

• Vacuum and dust frequently.

• If leather is soiled, it can be wiped with a damp soft cloth and a lather of any mild soap and a minimum amount of lukewarm water. Do not spot clean leather; clean the entire surface. Wipe clean with a damp cloth and dry with a clean, soft cloth.

• For spots and spills, wipe excess liquid immediately with a clean cloth or sponge; let the leather air dry. If the spot is still visible, further cleaning may be necessary. Sponge the entire surface—seat, back, or chair arm—with clean, lukewarm water. Let the leather air dry; never use a hair dryer or other heat source to dry leather.

• For stubborn spots and stains, apply a mild, nonabrasive soap solution with a clean, wet sponge. Rinse well and let air dry. For butter, oil, or grease, wipe the leather with a clean, dry cloth and let the remainder of the oil dissipate into the leather. Do not apply water or try to wash a grease spot.

• Do not use saddle soap, cleaning solvents, oils, furniture polishes, varnishes, abrasive cleaners, detergents, or ammonia on leather; they will ruin the finish, causing it to become sticky and cracked.

• If there are chair cushions, plump them regularly to help the chair retain its shape. Leather only becomes more beautiful with age and care.

Styles with Style

Thanks to the revolution in modernism, the choices for white leather office chairs are plentiful and varied. Viesso, specializes in eco-friendly designs that compliment the pocketbook and enhance modern lives with custom options and green materials. Their York Office Chair is a stylishly chic chair with a comfortable sectioned upholstered seat and backrest on a chromed solid steel cantilever framed leg structure. The seat has a steel structure with “S” shape springs for extra flexibility and strength.

Eco-friendly, ergonomic and custom designs are the wave of the future – the new Modern classic. Sustainable materials and technology, innovation and environmental consciousness are current requirements for the modern consumer with regard to design. Viesso is a leader in blending customization, modern technology, smart design, and sustainable living. Visit Viesso and look through their impressive selection of office chairs, modern furnishings and accessories. Their selection is modern, creative and right on time – the new standard for living.

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