Why Should You Buy Eco Friendly Furniture?

At Viesso, we are completely dedicated to the promotion of greater personal and environmental health through the choices we make in furniture production and manufacture. Ever since we started our company in 2005, our mission has been to create contemporary pieces with an eco-friendly, Green ethic, and to invite other designers into our showroom who do the same.

Our Commitment to Conscious Practices

Throughout the years, we have moved to the forefront of modern furniture design, and we’re sure that our commitment to conscious practices is a part of the reason why. At Viesso, we have found a seamless way to wed beautiful craftsmanship with Green manufacture and construction, which we consider not just an art form, but also a duty. We want you to be able to decorate your entire home or office with eco-friendly furniture that proudly displays your own personal style and your equal dedication to a cleaner way of life.

Enjoying Healthful Options

It is not difficult to enjoy a lifestyle without byproducts that poison the atmosphere and our bodies. Our Viesso designers are extremely aware of the alternatives to chemical pollutants, GMO modified seeds for growing fabric, unhealthy logging practices, and a plethora of old practices that are not necessary or relevant in today’s world where there are healthful options.

Sustainability as a Way of Life

Buying eco-friendly furniture means you support sustainability as a way of life. It means you want to be known as someone bettering the environment, rather than contributing to its demise through the use of chemically laden products that are no longer necessary elements in production. It means you understand that pesticides, fungicides, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), synthetic dyes, and other harmful elements that have been a part of conventional furniture making in the past are to be avoided in order to support the growing Green trend.

Conventional vs Eco-Friendly

High chemical use in furniture production causes toxins to be released into the atmosphere where they stay and do their insidious damage. Entering our neurological and respiratory systems, data is now coming in to show that this can be a cause of many of the physical problems we experience when we are exposed to dangerous substances over time. And as it is true for us, it is, of course, also true for the environment. Non-organic fabrics, toxic glues, excess formaldehyde, chemical laden paints, and more, are some of the elements that we are exposed to on a daily basis when we use conventional furniture instead of eco-friendly alternatives.

Our Green Protocols

Some of the materials used to create the contemporary furniture you will find in our catalogue are the following:

• Natural fabrics such as organic cotton, wool, silk, linen, and bamboo, all of which are made without synthetic dyes and grown without fungicides, pesticides, and herbicides
• Recycled fabrics
• SFI certified sustainable hardwoods
• Bamboo, a fast growing grass that replenishes self through its enormous root system and constant output of new shoots
• Formaldehyde-free plywood that is kiln dried prevents warping using a hot process that allows each layer to attach to the other without the use of chemicals
• Natural jute webbing and fireproof, durable wool decks for spring based furniture
• Extreme Green foam made of 100% natural latex for upholstery fillings
• Natural down and feathers used from birds raised for food and cleaned with non-toxic substances
• Low chemical use processes in all forms
• Non VOC (volatile organic compound) paints and finishes
• Stains and sealants created without biocides or preservatives that instead use aliphatic mineral spirits found in natural plant waxes and oils
• Clear coat water-based elements that are non-hazardous, non-flammable, and odorless
• Water based glue with the lowest amount of VOC emissions – are non flammable and cause no odors
• Natural latex found in the sap of rubber trees that is biodegradable and resistant to bacteria, mold, and mildew
• The minimum of formaldehyde necessary for the structural integrity of furniture, which amounts to a much lower amount than what strict E1 European standards deem acceptable
• Natural flooring alternatives such as low-toxicity rugs made of wool, cotton, and sheepskin

A Guarantee of Our Integrity

You can look for the DRI Green Label Plus, as well as the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) label on our products, which give you a guarantee of the integrity of our Green products. Additionally, our furniture is only made once you order it, which means that there is no excess stock or waste during the fabrication process.

Summing Up

Supporting the ecosystem by selecting certified timber that is grown specifically for the purpose of harvesting is crucial when it comes to preventing deforestation. By planting a new tree immediately after one is cut, we can be sure we are helping to preserve local wildlife and maintain the balance of our environment. Supporting organic farming practices ensures that we create better soil conditions where natural components are not depleted. Additionally it helps to promote a thicker topsoil, which in turn helps to lessen erosion.

Supporting natural cotton growth means we are putting a damper on an enormous output of agrochemicals that so negatively impact air, water tables, and the health of cotton workers who are constantly exposed to these harmful substances. When you understand that our skin soaks up to 60% of any substance we come in contact with, the dangers become clear.

Encouraging Healthy Homes

We are constantly attracting designers from all over the world who are on board with our standards, allowing us to expand our catalogue often in order to bring you more options for your décor ideas. Encouraging you to create a healthier home through our wide range of beds, sofas, dining tables, and more, is our way of contributing to a low carbon footprint while providing you with stunning and visionary furniture that will last a lifetime.

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