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Why West Hollywood Design District Is the Best Furniture Shopping

Now that you are in the market for new furniture, you may be wondering where to shop. If you’ve been searching for a place to buy furniture in Los Angeles, you’ll be pleased to know that one of the world’s best furniture shopping destinations is located right here in LA.

If you’re not convinced that leaving your computer behind and venturing out to the furniture store is the best idea, then you should know what you’re missing out on! Here are the reasons why the West Hollywood Design District in Los Angeles is the best area to shop for furniture.

Shop for Furniture in West Hollywood

LA is such a large city that it can be difficult to know where to go to shop for modern furniture. These days, most people search online for furniture that can be easily delivered and simply buy whatever they can find. But, what do you do if you need interior design advice, you want to see the furniture in person, or you’re just looking for a little variety?

The solution? Come to the West Hollywood Design District. When it comes to modern furniture, the West Hollywood Design District offers an unparalleled shopping experience that you simply won’t find elsewhere.

Where Is West Hollywood Design District?

Located at the crossroads of Melrose Avenue, Beverly Boulevard and Robertson Boulevard in West Hollywood, California, the West Hollywood Design District is a walkable district featuring an unrivaled shopping experience with luxury products, services, and experiences for those who prefer the very best.

The West Hollywood Design District was originally organized as a business improvement district in 1996. Today, this square-mile area features a concentration of more than 300 high-end businesses, specialising in home décor, fashion, art, beauty, dining and more. While most people think of the area as just the Pacific Design Center, it’s really much more than that.

The History of Furniture in West Hollywood

In fact, West Hollywood, as a whole, has always had its unique character and it has been associated with furniture and interior design since its early roots. One of the most influential names in modern furniture, Herman Miller, known for the Eames Lounge Chair and Noguchi table, opened its showroom on Beverly Boulevard in 1949.

In 1975, the Pacific Design Center, was built by architect Cesar Pelli, who is also the famous architect of the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The award-winning Pacific Design Center is the West Coast’s leading resource for traditional and contemporary residential and contract furnishings, fabrics, floor coverings, architectural products, wallcoverings, lighting, kitchen and bath products, and accessories.

The Center features nearly 100 brands and is designed to serve the needs of professional interior designers, decorators, architects facility managers, and decorators. Despite the major influence of the Pacific Design Center, West Hollywood is a major hub for innovation. In fact, the appetite for modern furniture design is so large that small furniture boutiques are able thrive here alongside the flagship stores of international brands.

These days, LA's design scene is also busier than it has ever been. Artists, designers, and entrepreneurs are flocking to the LA, particularly the Eastside, and are creating a culture that is uniquely WeHo. The West Hollywood Design District is home to the highest concentration of design businesses in a single area on the West Coast.

Innovative and Luxury Furniture Designs

This is the best area for quality and amazing designs. Trends are born here because the West Hollywood Design District attracts people with big ideas from around the world. From its colorful people, established businesses, and top-notch hotspots, West Hollywood is the place for unique style and eccentricity.

Here you’ll find the world’s top luxury brands, located in a few pockets on Beverly Blvd, Melrose Blvd, and La Brea Ave (where Viesso is located). Whether you want to explore emerging talent or you want help selecting the best tried and true furniture designs for your home, you'll find it all here.

Explore, Browse and Shop

As for the perks of shopping in person in the West Hollywood Design District, you’ll get a full range of price points, some major international brands, as well as, boutique ones, and very knowledgeable salespeople in the stores.

Some will argue that shopping online can help you to find the best deals around. This is true if you are only looking for the cheapest furniture with generic designs. But if you want a comprehensive furniture shopping experience with someone to guide you on the best pieces to select for your home, the West Hollywood Design District is the best place to shop in person.


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