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Why You Should Buy an Eco Fireplace

Here's a clever way to take the chill out of the house, while simultaneously adding a modern flair to the decor. The eco fireplace is a flue-less, vent-less fireplace, which has all the functionality of a traditional fireplace, minus the messy residue, and toxic emissions.

The eco fireplace burns denatured ethanol as its fuel, which is a renewable energy source made by fermenting the starch and sugars of plants, such as sugar cane, corn, or grains, and other similar vegetation, using yeast. Ethanol is essentially the same type of alcohol found in alcoholic beverages, but is nearly 100% pure. To stay in agreement with trade regulations, the ethanol is denatured by mixing in an additive, making it unfit for human consumption. Denatured ethanol is also known as methylated spirits, denatured ethanol, bio ethanol or just ethanol.

Initially, you might be concerned about toxic or noxious fumes that might be emitted from a fireplace that has no vents, but never fear. Ethanol burns very clean, releasing only steam, heat, and carbon dioxide into the air. It does produce a very slight amount of carbon monoxide, but the amount produced is considered negligible, and meets or exceeds the standards set for indoor flue-less fireplaces.

Since eco fireplaces do not have flues, vents, or chimneys confining them to a static location, they are easily transportable and can be set up just about anywhere. No fancy, expensive installation needed. If you have an existing traditional fireplace, some models are constructed to fit nicely with it. Just close that flue, and set it in! They are available in various models as well, that allow them to be mounted on walls, or even built into the wall or furniture. They can be set on tabletops, or just free standing.

Another benefit of not being confined to a location near a vent is that designers have the luxury of being more creative with the designs. Many eco fireplaces are beautifully crafted and sleek looking, with a modern flair that would look good in any home, room, or even at the office. No doubt, it will be a great conversation piece in the home, leaving your guests wanting one as well.

Not only are the eco fireplaces beautiful, so is the flame. Because of the ethanol as a fuel source, the eco fireplace creates an even, dancing, yellow flame that is slightly blue at the base. But what about its functionality, after all, it is a fireplace. No worries. Ethanol burns at about 90% efficiency, and since there are no flues or vents for heat to escape, 100% of the heat produced is used to heat the room. Depending upon the size of your eco fireplace, it can put out two to three times the heat of a standard electric floor heater. The right size eco fireplace can provide heat to the entire room.

Today, more than ever, it’s important to think about affordability. Eco fireplaces are very affordable, especially when compare to the cost of the installation of a new traditional fireplace, if you don’t have one already in your home. If you want the traditional fireplace look in your home, but don’t currently have one, an eco fireplace can be framed to look like a traditional fireplace, without the expense of installing a chimney, or ventilation. Eco fireplaces are also inexpensive to operate. Roughly, a half liter of ethanol will keep your fire going anywhere from 8 to 20 hours, depending upon the flame setting, which can be controlled by how much oxygen you allow the flame to have, and the size of your eco fireplace.

If you have experience with lighting a traditional fireplace, you know it can sometime be a challenge. Of course, you will want to refer to the instructions of your particular model, but lighting an eco fireplace is a breeze. Simply add fuel, and light with a long match. A slight flash is possible, because the fuel does give off some fumes, which are combustible. For that reason, it is recommended that you light your eco fireplace as soon as you refuel. It is also advised that you let your fuel run out of your eco fireplace, rather than extinguishing it, however if you find the need to leave prior to it running out, there is mechanism to extinguish the flame. There will be a lid or cover that cuts off the oxygen to the flame, causing the flame to go out.

Some are concerned about the smell of an eco fireplace, but put your fears aside. Since the ethanol only emits water vapor and carbon dioxide when burned, no smells are released, as they are both odorless emissions. Additionally, scents and fragrances are available, which when added to the fuel, will release a pleasing aromatic smell into your house.

Do you pay to have a chimney sweep service come to your house to clean your traditional fireplace or clean out the messy soot and burned coals yourself? Cleaning a traditional fireplace can be a mess. The ease of cleaning an eco fireplace alone makes owning one worthwhile. No more soot or coals. To clean the eco fireplace, simply wipe down with a washcloth using warm water, or a mild dishwater soap solution. Cleaning can vary from model to model, and depending upon what and how your eco fireplace is constructed. If stainless steel, a soft cloth and stainless steel cleaner can be used. Some cases, after the burner has cooled, it can be run under warm water, or even put through a dishwasher.

Ever entertain friends outdoors, on a cold chilly night? Outdoor models of the eco fireplace are available as well. The outdoor models work on the same principle as the indoor models, using the same eco friendly bio ethanol, however they are typically made of different materials that are weather resistant, so that your outdoor eco fireplace remains elegant and beautiful for years to come.

Anytime there is an open flame, whether it’s with a traditional fireplace, or an eco fireplace, safety guidelines should be followed. You will want to follow the safety procedures included with your eco fireplace, but some common sense safety measures apply. Of course, never leave an open flame unattended. If you find yourself needing to leave, extinguish the flame. Do not put the flame anywhere near combustibles, such as the ethanol, curtains, or loose papers. If you have small children, you will want to keep the eco fireplace out of reach. And don’t forget the pets. Pets will find the warmth of being near the flame irresistible. Consider getting screens, which are available as an accessory. They are designed as to not take away the beauty of your eco fireplace, while adding a measure of safety. It is always a good idea to have a fire extinguisher that is easily accessible in the home.

Having an eco fireplace in the home is a sheer joy. It’s an attractive centerpiece that is not only beautifully designed, but is affordable, and functional. It’s provides warmth on those cold, chilly nights, and burns cleanly and efficiently with no toxic emissions. Best of all, you can have the peace of mind that you are warming your home with a renewable energy source, that has zero impact on our environment. Viesso’s offerings in eco fireplaces are second to none, so let us provide you with fireplaces that rest at the intersection of form and function. View our entire selection at Viesso.com or stop by our showroom to see them in action.

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