Why You Should Sleep on a Latex Pillow

Sleeping with the right pillow can dramatically increase your comfort as you sleep. However, finding a pillow that meets your needs can be complicated. If you are searching for a better pillow, here are the reasons why you should sleep on a latex pillow.

Why Natural Latex Pillows?

There are so many options available for fillers, including down, polyester, memory foam, buckwheat hulls, and latex. To make matters even more complicated, price does not necessarily correlate with performance. In addition, most pillows only offer the best comfort under a limited range of conditions.

If you want to get better sleep, consider a latex pillow. Although, finding the right pillow is strictly a matter of personal preference, natural latex pillows have become quite popular among people from all walks of life because they can provide ideal performance regardless of your preferred sleep position. Natural latex pillows are also highly recommended because they are durable, yet supportive and soft.

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Natural Latex Pillows Provide Head, Neck, and Shoulder Support

Your pillow is roughly 20% of your sleep surface. As a result, it is essential to have a pillow that can accommodate your natural body shape so that you maintain proper posture as you sleep. To ensure a comfortable sleep, you need a responsive surface to rest your head on that will provide pressure relief in all of the right places.

For people who prefer to sleep on their sides, a pillow should provide head and neck support so that the spine is maintained in a straight, horizontal line. For people who prefer to sleep on their backs, a pillow should provide support for the natural curvature of the spine, with support for the head neck and shoulders.

Latex responds to pressure by molding to your shape to create the ideal level of support for your head, neck and shoulders. Latex pillows are denser than fiber, down or memory foam, so they provide more support and help to keep your spine aligned as you sleep. You can also find ones that are molded to a specific shape to provide support as you sleep in your preferred sleep position.

In addition, some latex pillows are made from torn up latex pieces that you can remove or add filling to adjust the pillow to your perfect comfort level. This is a feature that you won’t find in other types of pillows because the softness or firmness levels for these pillows have already been predetermined by the manufacturer.

Unlike other pillows which can lose their shape quickly, a natural latex pillow is also impression-resistant and it can retain its shape for years without flattening or taking on body shape. If you are looking for a pillow that offers an ideal level of support, a natural latex pillow is a top choice.

All-Natural Latex Pillows

One of the easiest ways to promote wellness is to opt for a pillow that is free of dangerous chemicals. Latex pillows are all natural, so they are better for your health in terms of reducing your exposure to environmental toxins.

Natural latex is derived from the sap of the hevea brasiliensis, or rubber tree. The latex milk that is used to make natural latex pillows is sustainably harvest by making cuts into the tree that allow for the collection of the latex sap without killing the tree.

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This process ensures that the latex that goes into a natural latex pillows is free of harmful chemicals, unlike chemical-drenched synthetic fibers, such as memory foam, which can release chemicals into the air of your home for years.

You’ll spend roughly a third of each day in bed. As a result, you should choose your bedding carefully since your pillows can be a significant source of toxins if you choose synthetic fibers or other pillow fillers that can attract allergens.

Natural Latex Pillows Are Recommended for Allergy Sufferers

Natural latex pillows are also recommended for allergy sufferers. Some types of pillow fillers, such as down, can trigger allergic reactions in people, making them an unsuitable choice for sleep. In addition, since there is no way to wash a down pillow, the allergens simply can’t be removed through repeated use. Over time, pillows can also collect allergens, which is why replacement of most pillows is recommended after just 2 years.



In contrast, natural latex is hypo-allergenic, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial. It is an excellent choice for people who suffer from allergies because it will not support the growth of mold, fungus, bacteria, or mildew. Natural latex pillows are also resistant to dust mites, which can infest mattresses, pillows, and carpeting and lead to respiratory problems.

Natural Latex Pillows and Temperature Control

If night sweats are a problem for you or you prefer a pillow that doesn’t change its temperature as it gets cooler at night time, a natural latex pillow is the best option. The cell structure of a natural latex pillow ensures maximum breathability. Natural latex maintains a more consistent temperature than other pillow fillers to ensure that the latex won’t get too hot or cold as room temperatures change during the night.

Some pillow fillers can change shape because of your body heat or from room temperature changes. However, a natural latex pillow will retain its firmness regardless of the room conditions to ensure that you sleep comfortably without you having to constantly readjust the shape of the pillow.

A Natural Latex Pillow Is Your Solution for Better Sleep

These are just a few benefits of using a natural latex pillow. Once you’ve used one, you'll understand why they have become so popular. They provide instant comfort and offer the best combination of support, softness, and health. If you are looking to improve your sleep, natural latex pillows can provide the results that you are looking for.


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