Youre Getting Very Sleepy

Our annual Sleeper and Sofa-Bed Sale is on! We're excited to be offering 10% off all Innovation Sleepers and 15% off all Viesso Brand Sofa-Beds.

For some people, having an extra bed option is a must-have in their home. Others have never even considered it, or may think there is no need for them to own one. We'd like to challenge that! Here's a handful of our favorite reasons why having a Sofa-Bed or Sleeper is a must!

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1. Visitors! The most obvious reason to own a Sofa-Bed is for guests. Especially during the holiday season, we tend to invite more people over than we realized. Making sure to have an extra bed around can eliminate the confusion on where to let your Uncle Tom or your sister's college roommate's nephew crash.

The Blumen Full Sofa Bed is a great option for this situation. With a classic look that's sure to please even the most discerning design eye in your family, this sofa turns into a full size bed, and is also available in custom or eco-friendly options.

2. Small Spaces! Whether you're dealing with a dorm room, or struggle to spruce up a Studio apartment, a small sleeper can be just the ticket. When navigating a small space, it's easy to design for the one or two people who will be living in it. However, this also means it's easy to forget about the occasional over-night guest.

The Dublexo Deluxe Chair is ready to be your new best friend for small spaces. When a friend needs to crash, this comfy chair easily transitions into a place to lay one's head. Since it's so petite, it won't take up too much of the precious space in the room.

3. Baby's Room! It's no secret that having a newborn means lots of sleepless nights. Many new parents opt to include a sleeper or sofa-bed in their baby's nursery so they can get back to sleep quickly as soon as their child has dozed off again.

The Cassius Coz Sofa Bed brings comfort, design, and beauty into any room. However, it's bright and fun color option is sure to bring delight to both baby, and to the sleepy parents, too.

4. Basement, Game Room, or Rec Room! For the family that has a bonus space in their home, choosing a larger option is a great way to offer tons of seating for when your son brings home his entire baseball team, unannounced.

The Rio Left Sectional with Sofa Bed is a gem among the world of sleepers. With incredible comfort both as a sofa, and as a pull-out bed that is bound to make your guests wonder how a sofa bed can be so comfortable, the Rio will be an answer to your prayers when the baseball team announces they've decided to make it a sleep-over.

Of course, there are many more options as to why adding a Sleeper or Sofa-Bed to your home is a great idea. With our Sale on now through November 15, there's no better time to take the plunge. The incredibly comfy, cozy, I'm-getting-sleepy plunge.

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