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7 Ideas for Creating an Efficient and Productive Office Space

Working from home is no longer considered a niche form of employment. Every year, more and more businesses are giving their workers the freedom to choose where and how they complete their work.

As a result, home offices are now more popular than ever. Many people worldwide are taking great care to ensure their home office environments are primed for efficient work. Regardless of how spacious or confined your home is, a domestic office is something anyone can take advantage of, such is its versatility.

This article will explore the main benefits of creating a productive home office space. It will then present seven ideas and features you might consider incorporating into your ideal office design.

Why should I set up a home office space?

The traditional ways of working are starting to disappear, with managers now realizing that office blocks with dull, formal decor are not the best ways to improve productivity. Whether by design or enforced by the recent pandemic, managers and employees are seeing home offices benefit them in the following ways.

Greater productivity levels

It was always thought that working from home would lead to diminished responsibility and poorer productivity, but the opposite appears to be true. According to a study by Connect Solutions, 77% of those who experience some form of remote work show improved productivity. It is perhaps unsurprising given the number of distractions in typical office environments.

No commutes

Working from home can often save employees both time and money. They no longer need to commute to and from work daily. Instead, once the work day is finished, they are already in the comfort of their own home. If a commute is involved, it is to a location that suits them and their lifestyle, such as a local coffee shop or a relaxed coworking space.

Fully personalized layout

With a home office, you are free to set up things exactly how you want. If you work most effectively with an open office layout or surrounded by plants, then you can make this possible. Personal items often help employees to stay focused and upbeat. You can set the lighting, the temperature, and the atmosphere to create the most optimal conditions for increased productivity.

Set your own hours

Many companies that have embraced this new form of work also endeavor to create a company culture of flexibility when it comes to schedules and hours. Without the need to commute, you will have more freedom to work your designated hours around your lifestyle, which is often seen as a huge appeal for most people.

Ideas and features for a winning home office

There are plenty of things to think about when designing your home office. Are you able to set up a permanent, dedicated space, or will you need to adapt one of your current living areas? What sort of lighting should you use? What other features will help boost productivity and creativity?

That is why we've come up with this handy list of ideas and features you might wish to include when designing your perfect home office environment.

Prioritize good lighting

One of the key features of any well-designed office is the impact lighting has on both space and employees. Many offices don't make the most of natural light, so if you are able, maximize your exposure to sunlight throughout the day. This will help keep you alert and energized.

If you don't have access to much natural light, ensure your office space (particularly your desk area) is well lit. Our indoor wall sconce or our sleek and simple table lamp will do the job just fine.

Make the most of nature

Many modern homeowners are turning to the natural world to improve their indoor spaces, and your office should do so as well. Potted plants are superb for creating a clean work environment, with most offices incorporating them in some form. You should also look to utilize essential oils and natural scents to create a sense of tranquility within your workspace.

Allow for movement

One of the huge drawbacks of the traditional work environment is that you are generally expected to remain passively at your desk for most of the day. This can severely affect productivity as the day wears on. If you are able, you should look at opportunities for creating movement within your office's physical space.

Choose the perfect work desk

It may sound simple, but having the most suitable desk is vital for maintaining work performance throughout the day. The color, texture, and accessories around the desk all play a part in creating a positive work environment. Many modern spaces also opt for standing desks as these can reduce lethargy and fatigue.

Our lift desk might be precisely what you are looking for, with adjustable height and a range of colors and finishes. Or for those of you with slightly less space to work with, our compact desk is another excellent option.

Make sure you are comfortable

The work day can often feel very long, especially if you spend your time sitting in an uncomfortable chair. Many modern designers appreciate that a lack of comfort can severely hamper individual productivity. You should always look to ensure that your office chair allows for good posture and optimal eye line with your office hardware.

If you're struggling to find the right seating for your office, then our adjustable office chair from BDI might fit the bill, complete with a comfortable headrest to fit your posture and positioning. Alternatively, our leather seat office chair could be perfect for your office area if you want something sleek and stylish.

Personalize your space

Most meeting and conference rooms within a traditional office are largely devoid of personality. That is why you should look to add personal touches throughout your office space. This can take the form of things such as photos, souvenirs from trips, and lucky charms. Desktop accessories can also feature, though take care not to overdo it as this could lead to clutter and disorganization.

Clean and declutter often

It is often said that an unorganized space means an unorganized mind. Ensuring that the physical layout of your office, and in particular your desk, is free from mess and clutter is vital for a harmonious working atmosphere. There are a whole host of simple storage solutions for your miscellaneous items and trinkets. With an organized office space, you are fully ready to increase productivity and motivation.

Final Thoughts

If you are someone looking to move into a hybrid or fully remote working environment, then investing the time and money into a dedicated home office layout is essential. Not only will it help maintain the mindset and focus you need to put yourself into when working in a traditional workplace, but the personable and customizable nature of a home office space can lead to improved productivity and increased job satisfaction.

At Viesso, we are proud of our selection of high-quality office furniture and features that will be sure to suit all types of different spaces. Not only are our pieces stylish and functional, but they are also selected from partners and manufacturers who share our fundamental principle of creating world-class furniture in a sustainable, eco-friendly manner.

If you would like some advice on the types of furniture and equipment that might suit your new space, or if you have any other queries or questions, do not hesitate to get in touch. Additionally, why not give our article on the top interior design trends for 2022 a read.

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