Choosing Garden Furniture to Create a Private Paradise

Are you seeking a space to unwind from your busy life? Backyards are ideal spaces for enjoying some relaxation and reflection time. The right furniture can help. Fortunately, there are so many options of outdoor furniture you can choose from. You can base your decisions on the aesthetic and style you’re going for, and bring your private paradise to life. 

Sometimes, we just want to unwind in a private place of our own. Opting for furniture that keeps privacy in mind as well as style is important. Our backyards are places for us to enjoy, and transforming yours could be the missing piece you’re looking for.  

Getting Started: Planning Your Paradise 

Allow some planning time before you start to add new furniture to your garden. There are plenty of options and everyone has a different style and aesthetic in mind. Here are some steps to follow before you begin:

Assess Your Space

The available space you have will help to determine the right furniture for you. For example, some furniture pieces are large and dominate a space. However, others can be used to enhance the room in smaller areas.  

You might also want to create zones in the garden for different activities and functions. For example, your patio might become a dining area and the grass might become a lounging section.

Consider Your Aesthetic 

There are plenty of styles to choose from, like rustic and modern to bohemian and vintage. Thinking of this and what you want before you make some purchases and transform your yard is an excellent idea. It will give you more direction and ensure all your furniture matches and creates the kind of aesthetic you want. 

Furthermore, it's probably worth considering the type of accessories you want and other details that’ll add character. 

Think About Different Materials 

There are also many different materials that you might decide to opt for. Choose from wood, metal, and more, and try to keep all of your furniture similar to create the same kind of aesthetic. 

Keep Your Comfort in Mind 

If you want to create a peaceful place to unwind, consider your comfort and how you'll achieve it. For example, in the warmer months, you might need an umbrella and umbrella hole to provide shade from the sun. Furthermore, you might want to opt for cushions to use on your furniture that'll need to be UV-resistant with washable covers. 

Once you've considered these factors, you can begin the process of transforming your garden. Are you ready for some inspiration?

Choosing Your Furniture: Getting Creative 

Are you ready to transform your garden into a peaceful, private paradise? Fortunately, there are so many options to choose from and you can get creative with style and aesthetics. Here are some ideas:


Seating is so important when creating your dream outdoor space. There are so many styles of seats and different options you can go for, and the right kind can really help you to unwind. 

  • Deck chairs: Great for the summer months, as you can soak up the sun on a sturdy and durable chair. Typically, deck chairs are relatively low to the ground and can be easily moved around a yard, ensuring you enjoy the utmost privacy in your space. The Between the Lines Deck Chair is the perfect place to enjoy your surroundings as it's made from teak, making it extremely weather resistant. 
  • Lounge sofas: The perfect place to enjoy some alone time and embrace comfort. If you feel like sinking into a cozy corner and enjoying your peace and privacy, a comfortable sofa is an excellent addition to any garden. You can choose from multiple sizes, designs, and shapes and move them around to fit seamlessly into your garden. 
  • Armchairs: Are you craving some alone time? Where better to enjoy it than in a comfy armchair? Whether you want to sink into an armchair full of cushions and doze off, or you want to read your favorite book in your tranquil paradise, an armchair is an ideal place to do so. 
  • Sectional and chaise lounge sets: Tie your space together with a chaise lounge and a small table. This creates a closed off space where you can unwind and switch off. The Paletti Sectional is the epitome of comfort, is weather-resistant, and offers a modern yet comfortable space. 
  • Benches: Benches work great in smaller areas and can work really well to enhance a smaller space. From wooden to metal, you can opt for a style that'll suit you and utilize any added storage features to streamline the space. 
  • Hammocks or hanging chairs: You can't belittle the amount of stress relief a hammock can bring as you swing gently in the breeze. The Hive Hanging Chair with Rope is the perfect haven for reflection and relaxation and will become an enchaining focal point in your garden.


Tables are functional additions to gardens and can be used for a wide range of occasions. From holding drinks at social gatherings to decorating your garden to match your aesthetic, there are plenty of purposes tables can serve. 

  • Cafe tables: Perfect for holding a hot cup of coffee on a spring morning. Or ideal for storing a cool, refreshing drink in the height of summer. The Go 24" Cafe Table is a sleek, minimalistic, and elegant design that offers a combination of function and style. You can enjoy it all year round as it's highly durable and weather-resistant. 
  • Side tables: Ideal for holding the essentials for your relaxing garden setup. Once it's fully assembled, you can use it for storage or for holding drinks while you're entertaining guests. 
  • Dining tables: Tables are a main part of an outdoor area, as you can choose the ideal one that suits a specific function. Whether your family likes to chat around the dinner table, or you want to enjoy some peace and quiet, different ones cater to specific needs. 

Dining Sets

Match your dining table to your chairs and secure your specific aesthetic. You can use the dining set to create a private space for you and your family to enjoy. 

  • Bistro sets: A bistro set can add a feel of rustic charm to your space if you're seeking the perfect patio furniture for a peaceful and private space. You can even put them on your balcony and sip a coffee in the early morning sun. There are often foldable ones, which is great for maximizing space, and there are generally lots of colors to choose from. 
  • Traditional dining sets: A large table and a suitable amount of chairs is a traditional addition to any space and works great for entertaining. The Aspect Outdoor Dining Table will make a sturdy addition with its teak frame and aluminum core, standing strong in all kinds of weather. Matching a range of styles, it's ideal for an array of outdoor spaces. 


Accessories, along with your garden furniture, can have a large impact on creating a cozy, stylish, and private space. 

  • Umbrellas: A large umbrella can create both privacy and shade in one. Whether you want one in the center of your dining table, or one over your deck chair, they're great for increasing privacy. 
  • Outdoor rugs: Rugs are great for adding some extra comfort outside. These rugs also work well for defining different spaces in your garden area. For example, you can separate the dining and relaxation areas. The Knit Rug adds a touch of sophistication and a look of luxury. With great quality and style, it's perfect for any garden. 
  • Planters and plant pots: You can strategically use planters and pots to achieve better privacy in your garden, not to mention the beneficial impact it'll have on the aesthetic. Opt for a particular style you like that matches your existing furniture, and use them around the edge of your space or as a way of sectioning different zones. You can use larger ones to create more privacy, too, and they'll add to the peaceful setting. 

Final Thoughts 

If you feel inspired and ready to change your garden into a private paradise, keep our suggestions in mind. The right furniture that matches your aesthetic can completely transform your space into a private paradise to unwind in. Whether you want to lounge in the evening sun on your own or entertain guests at a dinner party, choosing specific furniture will elevate your yard.  

At Viesso, we know how important aesthetics and function are. From quaint bistro sets to comfortable hanging chairs, our selection will turn your space into an outdoor paradise.

If you have any questions about using furniture to increase the privacy and style in your garden, do not hesitate to contact us. Or, read our blog “How to Design an Outdoor Setting” for more inspiration. 

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