Style Tips for a Modern Minimalist Home

Achieving a modern minimalist home requires striking a balance between simplicity and sophistication.

We like to think we strike that balance perfectly here at Viesso.

This design approach is all about clean lines, a restrained color palette, and purposeful furniture choices that transform a home into a serene, uncluttered oasis. With the right choices and pairings, a minimalist home needn't be sparse or lacking character - the key is in the quality of the decor and the tasteful curation that will impress any guests to your home while providing you with a warm and liveable space.


In this guide, we'll explore style tips that help you curate your minimalist space where each piece serves a purpose and adds a refined touch to your home.

1. Start with a Blank Canvas

A modern minimalist home almost always begins with white walls. Their clean backdrop makes a space feel fresh and open, allowing other elements like furniture and decor to stand out. By creating this blank canvas on which you can decorate how you choose, you can emphasize art or accent pieces without overwhelming the room.

  • Tip - Sprinkle in neutrals. To add depth without sacrificing this serenity, you should incorporate soft neutral tones like cream, gray, or beige in furnishings or wall art. These hues enhance the minimalist look by creating a slight contrast against the white walls.

2. Simplify a Restrained Palette

Minimalism thrives on simplicity, so focus on a restrained color palette that incorporates neutral tones like white, gray, beige, and black (you'll likely already notice a running theme here). This approach helps create your streamlined home with color consistency from your minimalist bedroom to the clean neutral lines of your classy bathroom. Since time immemorial, understated whites, beiges, and blacks have been signifiers of sophistication.

  • Tip - Add warmth through natural textures. Warm up the neutral palette by adding natural materials like wood and wool. A wooden coffee table, for instance, provides a focal point that exudes warmth, while wool throws or linen bedspreads can soften the overall aesthetic. We talked already about clean lines and white surfaces. There is a risk that these appear cold without these intelligently placed warming textures.

3. Choose Intentional Furniture

Invest in sleek furniture that contributes to a cohesive and functional living room. Viesso’s modern living room furniture collection offers sophisticatedly simple pieces that help reduce clutter while elevating the overall style of your space.

  • Tip - Choose multi-functional pieces. Consider versatile pieces like a storage ottoman or nesting side tables that offer extra function without sacrificing style. An open bookshelf with geometric shapes can also act as a functional room divider, allowing you to create distinct zones in your living area. This is an example of visual delineation, too, which can be important in ensuring your minimalist space does not feel like a museum gallery.


For your minimalist bedroom, you again shouldn't choose between form and function. Opt for furniture with simple yet practical designs to give your bedroom a streamlined look.

  • Low-profile bed frame - A low-profile bed frame with a neutral headboard anchors the room while offering practical storage options underneath. Pair it with matching bedside tables to maintain balance and symmetry.
  • Compact desk or vanity table - A desk or vanity with a simple design doubles as a stylish workspace or a place to get ready for the day while providing enough surface area for everyday essentials.

4. Maximize Functionality with Smart Storage

Functionality is quickly becoming the watchword for minimalism! It's indicative of the minimalist frame of mind, from Scandinavian influences, that function comes first - furniture or decor should not impede your life in any way in the minimalist mindset. Yet, as we've seen, the focus on function does not mean you should sacrifice elegance in any way. The key is to find elegance in function rather than any ostentatious design features.

One element of a functional living area is having enough space to store your things. Reduce visible clutter by choosing furniture that doubles as storage. Look for beds with built-in drawers, coffee tables with lift-up tops, or benches with compartments that can conceal books, blankets, and other items. All these furniture choices work to obscure the messy clutter of our lives in convenient, easy-to-reach spaces for a classier finish.

  • Tip - Opt for wall-mounted storage - Floating shelves and wall-mounted cabinets help free up floor space while providing storage for books and decor. Create a harmonious, linear arrangement to enhance visual appeal.

5. Add Texture and Warmth

Embrace natural materials like wood, wool, linen, and stone to add layers of depth to a minimalist home. A wool rug, a wooden coffee table, or a stone countertop can bring warmth and comfort to the space. It may seem counterintuitive that a 'stone' can bring warmth, but the key here is in the collective ambiance generated by the careful offsetting of white walls, wooden tables, off-white upholstery, and stone or marble countertops. The right balance with intelligent choices evokes a feeling of homeliness you might not typically associate with these materials and colors on their own.

  • Tip - layering textures - Keep the overall look simple by using a limited range of materials, but don't be afraid to layer textures. A cozy wool blanket draped over a sleek leather sofa or woven baskets on a wooden shelf can add dimension to a room.

6. Create Visual Interest through Statement Art

While minimalism avoids excess, focal art pieces add a bit of shine to a space. One bold art piece or a collection of simple prints can become a focal point that adds personality and color without overwhelming the room with too much whimsy.

Ensure your artwork complements the overall color palette to maintain a clean, uncluttered aesthetic. For example, a large abstract painting in neutral tones can balance a white wall without being overly bold. Conversely, a garish kaleidoscope of color is going to look out of place and destroy the minimalist vibes of the space.

  • Tip - Use mirrors as decor - Incorporate large mirrors to make a room feel brighter and more spacious. A mirror with a unique frame can add a sophisticated touch while doubling as a practical feature.

More Functionality - Lighting

Choose lamps that double as tables or shelves to keep your space organized while maintaining a minimalist style. A lamp with a built-in table provides lighting for a reading nook while offering surface space for books or decor. Minimalism is all about this intelligent architecture.

Other examples of this multi-purpose furniture:

  • Nightstands with storage - Select nightstands with drawers to keep bedside essentials organized and reduce the risk of clutter. Use one drawer for personal items like glasses and hand cream, and another for charging cables.
  • Kitchen organization - In the kitchen, embrace minimalism by arranging items into dedicated storage bins or shelves that reduce countertop clutter. Hang utensils or pots on wall-mounted racks to keep them accessible yet out of the way.

Final Thoughts on Minimalism in the Home

Creating a modern minimalist home requires careful curation and a commitment to simplicity.

By incorporating clean lines, a restrained palette, and intentional furniture from Viesso’s living and bedroom collections, you can transform your home into a serene retreat that embodies the essence of minimalism. Visit Viesso today to discover the perfect pieces to bring your minimalist vision to life.

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