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Camira Blazer New Deep Maroon Wool (Sample)


Brand: sohoConcept (samples)

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Camira Blazer New Deep Maroon Wool (Sample)

Wool is a natural fibre with a number of excellent qualities and unique properties. Suitable for all climates, the wool fibres adapt easily to room temperature, having a cooling effect in warm rooms and a warming effect in cold rooms. The fibres are elastic so they tolerate compression and stretching better than any other materials. Wool will always seek to regain its original shape, and therefore woollen textiles are highly resistant to wear and will show few signs of creasing. Wool naturally repels dirt thanks to its unique structure of fibres and to the fact that it is not prone to static electricity. Intrinsically flame retardant, wool has a very high ignition temperature and chars rather than dripping or melting.

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