Lab B Bollard Outdoor Light


Brand: Marset

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The new Lab has not only expanded its sizes and collection, the revised design allows the light fixture to be a more aesthetic object, full of textures.

Both the bollard models and the new wall sconce are supported by an aluminum structure, with a hollow interior space to allow for maximum interplay of light and material.

The surface of the design shines through: painted sheets of metal or iroko wood will provide different types of lighting via reflection.

The beauty of this new collection lies in the way the light interacts with the different materials.

The Lab collection continues to conceal the point of light, but its illumination—in all its versions, including the original—will be more powerful, with greater presence.

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  • Size 1: 5"W x 3.14"D x 14"H, 3.08 lbs
  • Size 2: 5"W x 3.14"D x 24"H, 5.51 lbs
  • Ground Fixation Plate Accessory: 8"W x 4"D, 0.57 lbs

About the...

Lab B Bollard Outdoor Light

The classic Lab collection is expanding to include two sizes of bollard and a slim wall lamp. These new designs bring a bit of texture and formal simplicity to outdoor spaces. With this wall lamp version, an aluminium structure surrounding the fixture creates an interior space where light and materials interact, with the soft LED lighting playing off sheets of painted metal or dark iroko wood. The beauty of this collection lies in how the light interacts with the different materials. The Lab collection continues to conceal the point of light, but its illumination – in every version, including the original – will be more powerful, with a greater presence.

Meet the designers


Marset makes unique and brilliant lighting designs that give a one-of-a-kind modern look. They are all made with the highest level of craftsmanship and utilize materials that are built to last. While many forms of lighting are designed to be either too discrete or too loud, Marset employs designs that work as pieces of art. Marset lights mesh well with modern design, but also stand alone as beautiful objects. By focusing on the form and the function, Marset Lighting offers a special group of products for the home and office, so you can enjoy your modern sofas, accent tables, and more!