Lenis LED Linear Pendant Light


Brand: Cerno

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Finish: Brushed aluminum metal, walnut or dark stained walnut wood.

Fabric: White stretch fabric.

Light source: Integrated LED

Light output: 5000 Lumens (source)

Light color: 2700° K or 3500° K

Color accuracy: 90+ CRI

Power usage: 70W

Input voltage/Dimming: 120 V AC input voltage TRIAC, ELV & 0-10 V dimming (P1) or 277 V AC input voltage TRIAC, ELV & 0-10 V dimming (P2)

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  • Height: 8.75"
  • Width: 64.5"
  • Depth: 10"
  • Weight: 10 lbs
  • Width: 20.6" (Canopy)
  • Depth: 4" (Canopy)
  • Height: 1.3" (Canopy)
  • Drop Length: 72" (Canopy)

About the...

Lenis LED Linear Pendant Light

Bret, Dan and I have always loved the ocean and boats. In fact, the first project we built together as young boys was a sailboat. Our appreciation for the beauty of a well-designed craft is what initially inspired the Lenis fixture; the form is created by bending wood stringers over a series of bulkheads. The organic and sculptural structure deviates from our mostly rectilinear forms, which introduced many new challenges, yet it also breathed new life into the design process for us. Ultimately, we were searching for that balance between the curved fluidity of its lines and the twisting movement. Thanks to our team's determination, after countless studies and prototypes, we found the balance we were looking for.

Meet the designers


Cerno, established in 2009, is an industrial design and manufacturing company innovating modern lighting fixtures and furniture in Southern California. Cerno’s mission is to fuse quality, performance and resource efficiency with modern design. Cerno designs with focus and purpose, yielding products that blend form and function into objects of purposeful and personal value. Cerno believes that the often overlooked objects we surround ourselves with in our daily lives represent an opportunity for expression and personal enjoyment. Aiming to produce products that take advantage of this opportunity and fill this need for the conscientious consumer, Cerno lighting’s LED light fixtures and other decor fit seamlessly into any home or retail space.